Why obama wants a deal with the killers in iran.....


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Jul 19, 2014
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Yeah....why does obama suck up to the killers in iran....the ones who have stated they will use a nuclear weapon to kill all the Jews in Israel......?

Why does Obama crave a grand bargain with Iran Power Line

Ledeen is right. But there is related strain of American leftism that takes us a long way towards understanding where Obama is coming from.

Obama is hardly the first American leftist to be “in thrall” to brutal, repressive anti-American dictators. In my father’s youth many leftists were in thrall to Stalin. In my youth many leftists were in thrall to Mao and/Castro.
Less than ten years ago, Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry were enthralled by Bashar al-Assad. They viewed him the way Obama views Iran’s clerics today — as the key to bringing peace and stability to the Middle East. Obama was on board with this view.

Stalin, Mao, Castro and Assad were/are all secularists. The Iranian regime is not.
This might make some on the left squeamish, but there’s no reason to expect that it bothers Obama. The president isn’t a closet Muslim, but he frequently expresses his admiration for the religion and touts his exposure to it as a youth.
The other component of Obama’s over-the-top outreach to the Islamic Republic is his intellectual arrogance (which disguises intellectual laziness). Obama considers himself not just a big-picture guy but a genius, if not a visionary, who can solve the “giant puzzle” of foreign policy. He yearns to find grand solutions that lesser minds, bogged down in the swamp of the day-to-day, aren’t able to discern.

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