Prime example of a crisis in America- culture problem among the black youth

In another thread, I covered the culture problem among the white youth of America. This one is about the problems facing black youth. It is exacerbated by the media, Hollywood and Biden supporters. I mean, after all of young blacks are told how evil and racist American history is … there is no mobility for them. It’s going to be more likely that they will commit acts of crime.

The truth is right now in America. They’re homeless, white people and homeless, Black people dying on the streets every day from drug addiction. From violence. You see poverty, doesn’t know skin color. And we need to champion equality, celebrate diversity, and champion, equality, and fight back against left-wing fanatical racism.

The crisis is everybody knows if it was a white man who viciously knocked out a black girl…. it would be front page and center of the news every single day. And if you really think about it, Biden supporters BLM supporters are responsible for whipping up this hatred. We’re having problems today that did not exist in the American past.

We know young white men are responsible for most mass school shootings in the history of the USA. Now recently, we’ve had mobs of black youth loot stores.

We had the situation in Chicago last summer about 30 blacks beating the hell out of a white woman.

There is a problem among the black youth. And it’s one associated with violence, lack of self-control. And it is exacerbated by the media and Hollywood, which never talks about these violent acts. And Biden voters they never actually talk about this. They literally talk about different topics they don’t address The brutal violence We see in the video above. They will rant and rave about the KKK, which has about seven members left in the country.

Again, young white men have problems too. We have the school shooting issues there. And so young black men also have problems. These problems did not exist in America’s past. We need to figure out ways of how to address them and one way it is to look at the church. Get the youth off the drugs. Doesn’t help that we have a bunch of marijuana. Smoke shops all over the country. Doesn’t help that we have a drug crisis in America 100,000 Americans dying each year from fentanyl alone.

FR; racism knows no barriers. Take the nutzi/socialist European movement in the 20's-mid 40's era for an example. The nutzis did not just discriminate against folks that practiced the Jewish belief /values system, like they discriminated against ANY & ALL that did not conform to their nutzi religion(typical power & control religion/cult). The vids you included mostly illustrate mob/herd mentality in action. People that get sucked into these mob/herd situations invariably turn to the worst for people are NOT herd creatures despite being highly social with their' chosen 'few' that form their inner circle. Take into account that typical rank & file people that are attracted to a mob/herd are 'generally' weak of mind as they are the followers looking for a leader(strong of mind). Racism is just one of many tools used by the power & control elitist looking for followers to elevate his/her status to the most high leader(god complex), meaning racism comes in all colors/ethnicities & ideologies.
There are certainly some problems with some of the black subcultures. the young blacks are dressing like slobs wearing really baggy pants, and in huge numbers are looting stores. Rap /hip hop culture and rap music Culture can be looked at in someways I suppose.

People have to be able to call that out. Anybody can call out young whites who do nothing but watch porn all day, play video games all day and have zero interest meeting a girl in real life. That is a real big problem and some of those young whites have gone onto to commit mass school shootings. There’s a cultural problem There among some portions of the white youth and black youth. And that’s how I see it.

But one big point to call out is the left-wing fanatics of the media constantly blaming “white supremacy” and American history for problems today. Claiming that “blacks have a tougher time getting into the middle class today”. They are exacerbating the problem. They will never talk about the poor white man in this country.
Dressing has little to do with it. In the forties Latinos often wore “”Zoot Suits”, suits with exaggerated lapels and baggy pants. It made no difference in their character or aims in life.

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