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When Spike Lee is your agent on CNN, your NFL career is done.


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Dec 30, 2014
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The Southwestern Desert
I saw my usual 1 minute of CNN this week and it happened to be Spike Lee trying to make a case for why Colin Kaepernick should have been picked up by an NFL team. OMFG! Playing the Race card to strong arm owners into giving Kneeler boy a contract.

The NFL represents the pinnacle of the sport and Quarterback is an incredibly tough position. Kaepernick had a couple really good seasons until defenses adjusted to him. That was it, then he was a bench warmer. While on the bench, he discovered his true calling as an Racial activist and started kneeling during the Anthem and growing out his fro to Cleopatra Jones proportions. Impressive, but....why? Not surprisingly no team wants any part of a so-so QB with a major attitude who is going to piss of their fans and be a dividing factor on their team. Duh. They want to WIN. And if they thought they could win with this guy, they would hire him in a heartbeat. Not everybody gets a trophy in the NFL, Spike. Stick to kid sports, Spike.

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