What was really missed in 2020


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Mar 24, 2020
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Storm? What Storm? It Was Barely a Breeze. - American Thinker

No one will question the origins of a Chinese virus conveniently unleashed to destroy Trump’s booming economy ahead of an election. Or how the virus provided an excuse for state governors or courts to change, unconstitutionally, election laws favoring mail in ballots which could conveniently be “found” in the wee hours of election night in just the right amount to swing a few key states from the Trump to Biden column.

So much for “safeguarding” the election. Congress and U.S. courts have no interest in examining a fraudulent election, instead using a preplanned riot on the U.S. Capitol as an excuse to quickly certify the election results, blame Trump once again, and try to prevent him from ever running for elected office in the future.

Such a lack of curiosity from the Washington D.C. ruling class and their court eunuchs, also known as the media. They are far more interested in Ted Cruz chaperoning a group of teenage girls to Cancun or Marjorie Taylor Greene’s past tweets than a rigged and stolen election.

This storm blew only one way, blowing Trump out of Washington D.C. and his supporters out of their jobs, reputations, and ability to exercise their free speech rights.

Some storm. Despite promises of a coming “storm,” we had a never ending “calm before the storm” -- it seems the calm bit never ended, and the storm harmlessly sputtered out to sea. The only “pain coming” was for Trump and his supporters being thwarted at every turn, never given a fair shake, and harassed for supporting Trump.


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Oct 19, 2012
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Great article, and sadly, it rings so very true. :(

quoting from the article :

"We hear that the military is in control and that the Biden presidency is actually a movie set. Sure thing. Meanwhile the executive orders roll out, cancelling every bit of good Trump brought to America. Biden’s cabinet nominees resemble the characters in the Star Wars cantina scene.

The only movie we are watching is Being There, with Joe Biden playing the role of simpleminded Chance. The odds of Trump having some plan dwindle with every passing day of open borders, gender confusion, and selling out America to her foreign adversaries."

Depressing beyond words.

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