What does the hawk say?!


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Oct 22, 2009
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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uO65jZ4U9uY#t=88]What Does The Hawk Say?! OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO - YouTube[/ame]
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Mar 24, 2009
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Seattle at large...Ballard lately
Go Hawks !!!!!

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1kWvlglt5b0]Every Russell Wilson "Go Hawks" of the 2012 NFL Season - YouTube[/ame]


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Mar 1, 2008
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Oh they will. as long as wilson stays healthy they are unstoppable.
Just look at the teams from the NFC that have to come into seattle to beat them there.

1.The Saints? comedy gold.
that team dreads going on the road.Is horrible on the road ESPECIALLY in seattle.:lol:

2.The niners? comedy gold as well.
Kapernick and the niners are scared to death when they come here to seattle and panic.they dont want to come back here again till next year.:doubt:

3.The Panthers? Cam Newton has never played in seattle before since the Carrol/Wilson era.I guarantee you he will play like Brees and Kapernic has both times and will self destruct as well if they come here. someone said that the panthers have peaked.Oh really? going up to buffalo and losing to the bills up there a few weeks ago is peaking?:lol:

Now lets look at the weak AFC.the laughable teams in that conference that would face them in the superbowl.this conference really IS weak.:lol:

Denver Broncos. You cant be serious?

How anyone can pick this team after that thursday night meltdown to my Chargers when you should be peaking at this point is beyond me.

teams that have superbowl aspirations dont play sloppy like that this time of year especially at home.

The defense is their achiles heel and Manning true to form,choked in another big game.Expect to see the same thing once the playoffs start. they'll be lucky if they make it to the AFC championship game.

2.The cheatriots? another laugher. they'll be lucky if they make it past the first round.

Had the cleveland clowns not been the clowns they are always finding ways to lose games and been able to recover a basic simple onside kick against them,the cheatriots would REALLY be in trouble now not even in position to get the 2nd seed.

To nearly lose at home to the cleveland clowns and go then down to Miami and fail to pull off another classic Tom Brady comeback its obvious the loss of Gronkowski is affecting them major big time in the red zone.

once they get into the playoffs,it will be a miracle if they win one game with the major loss of Gronkowski.

3.The kc Cheaps? Okay this one I cant laugh at because they are in better shape than those other two_Only problem for them is no way do they have a prayer if they have to go up to denver and play them there.

Manning owns the chiefs and feasts off them whether he be a colt or a bronco. and up there in Denver,the cheaps are toast. they dont have to face them ,then I could see them in the superbowl otherwise forget it.

The Kc Cheaps I will take that back on IF they can go into san diego and beat my chargers.I dont see that happening though because my Bolts first made me proud beating them up there in kc and now taking it to the donkeys who were undefeated in denver this year.

Im not impressed with that big win over the Oakland Faders because thats who they are is the FADERS.

last years superbowl champs the ravens? right now because of the sad state of all those other AFC teams,i got to pick them to make it back.they arent any good either but they are probably the best of that sorry bunch.

They are looking really ugly the way they win so that kind of play I predict will be good enough to get them past all those other AFC teams but against the hawks? forget it,they'll get blown away.:lol:
Plus the Eagels a few weeks ago also went into Oakland and also beat them by about the same score with a team that is rebuilding and a querterback who hasnt even played a full season no less.co chiefs fans need to take that game,with a grain of salt.
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