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Well, well, well look what we just learned bout Trump's latest accuser


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Oct 14, 2016
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Well,Well,Well, Look What We Just Learned About Trump's Latest Fake Accuser
New reports of Donald Trump's latest sexual assault accuser have exposed her as a writer for the Anti-Trump Huffington Post. Truthfeed.com reported: Each “Trump accuser” gets more and more ridiculous. This one turns out to be a writer for the viciously ultra-left wing Anti-Trump Huffington Post, that has been acting in the role of Hillary SuperPac from day one.
Well,Well,Well, Look What We Just Learned About Trump's Latest Fake Accuser

there is a reason these American traitors are getting out into the media
1. Your Government thinks you are that stupid -- most sheep are
2. More ppl are awake and keeping on top of liars like this including the politicians
3. Their lies are getting caught at every turn because we have the internet , cell phones, ipads, they are able to film all of this .

Their own plan to take us down is backfiring on them all the way around. It's only those who have their heads up the Gov. ass who can't see it all unfolding. Why the hell do you think Obama pushed the agenda a " TRANSPARENT GOVERNMENT" they know a large portion of the population doesn't pay attention , are easily lead around by the nose etc.


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