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Venger's American Baseball Cards Store


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Sep 22, 2013
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Consumerism/capitalism has become so wed to American imagination that I thought I'd offer up a special Christmastime shopping symbolic/reflective vignette about what makes shopping and collecting so darn dreamy! Merry Christmas (and happy-sledding),


My name's Venger. I live on the faraway planet of Venus. I've decided to visit Earth and travel to America and open a baseball cards store in a place called Haddonfield (New Jersey). I'm a winged sorcerer, but I'll transform into a human US citizen to open my little baseball cards store for modern-day consumers and sports fans. I've been a lonely sorcerer my whole life with mostly a dark reputation.


This is what I look like now, in my Haddonfield (New Jersey) baseball cards store. I'm the owner of the store, Baseball Cards, Inc. I wear glasses and look like a nerd. This is my Facebook store profile photo! Don't I look nice?


Historic Haddonfield (New Jersey) is a quaint and idyllic residential and commercial area on the East Coast of USA (America)! It's home to many properties and stores and restaurants. It's considered a quintessential American town. That's why I chose it to open my baseball cards store. I wanted to feel like I was part of something commercial and hence social and chose Earth/America for this little consumerism community 'life' experiment.


My baseball cards collection is immaculate. I spent 2 years in America collecting from various merchants and collectors and even museums all over the world. I purchased cards online (Internet) and by traveling to the merchant locations. I even went so far as Romania to purchase one special card, a rare Pete Rose Topps baseball card. My glass displays for my baseball cards at Baseball Cards, Inc. is really welcoming and well-maintained for sports fans/shoppers!


SPORTS-WRITER: "Baseball cards speak to Americans' love of sports mementos and the sheer joy of the great historic game."


I keep all my baseball cards at Baseball Cards, Inc. in mint condition. They might be in single cases (protective) or in well-maintained baseball cards albums, complete with protective sheets. The condition of my cards is important to me and to my fans/shoppers. This is reliable consumerism and a hallmark of American philosophy and capitalism culture in modern times.


I now have over 100,000 baseball cards for consumers and fans to peruse and admire and contemplate and select for shopping!


NEW YORKER: "Consumerism is a brand of American life and ideology, because it binds communities together for lifestyle!"


I not only love baseball cards but also movie posters and enjoy looking at Hollywood (USA) movie posters, especially of modernism relevant films representing a new era social fascination with the dynamic pedestrian lifestyle-oriented presentation of convenient life...and American dreams.


Let me show you some of my favorite American baseball cards at Baseball Cards, Inc. The first is a neo-classical John Olerud Upper Deck rookie card. This is a really great card and though not yet immensely valuable remains a hallmark for real card collectors!


Another great card is the neo-classic Jim Abbott USA Olympics baseball card. Jim Abbott was a great pitcher who played with only one working/functional hand, making him something of an American hero in sports.


Yet another great baseball card I have at Baseball Cards, Inc. is the Rickey Henderson Oakland A's rookie card. Henderson broke records for stolen bases, and this rookie card reminds us why Oakland baseball fans consider him one of the greatest African-American athletes ever to play the great game.


Another great card is the Score Sammy Sosa rookie card. I keep this on display at Baseball Cards, Inc., for despite Sosa's recent scandalous stories regarding illegal performance-enhancing steroids use, he remains a fan-favorite for American baseball fans interested in the thrill of sheer batting excitement! It's still somewhat unverified when Sosa began using steroids if he did and he's always been a rather exciting player. Controversy is a peculiar but certain 'face' of American sports (and media!).


Another valued card I showcase at Baseball Cards, Inc. (of a controversial player as well!) is this awesome Pete Rose rookie card. Rose was a Cincinnati Reds legend and Hall of Fame caliber player, and this rookie card represents my love of not only the Reds but also of American baseball. This is why I came to Earth and left my home planet of Venus, man!


My secret dream is that one day, a gorgeous single or recently-divorced American young woman with her young son will walk into my American baseball cards store (Baseball Cards, Inc.) and want to buy her son a terrific mint-condition American baseball card for him, and when she realizes I have such a card for her excited son, she'll want to date me. This is my strange if delighting daydream (haha).


"Socialism states that you owe me something simply because I exist. Capitalism, by contrast, results in a sort of reality-forced altruism: I may not want to help you, I may dislike you, but if I don't give you a product or service you want, I will starve. Voluntary exchange is more moral than forced redistribution" (Ben Shapiro).


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)


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Jun 20, 2014
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That was a great story. Good luck with your new business!!!

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