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Under pressure: Canadians are losing trust in their governments, adding stress to our public institutions


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Aug 6, 2012
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Trust me when I tell you this, believe that it is true as sure as the sky is blue; Canadas future is dim and aligning your reputation with our unaccountable police state is going to hurt America immensely.

Canadians lost faith in government is not relegated to any one level of government, it permeates all levels as career politicians who only work on optics, not results, has ensured our demise as the police state expands.

Under pressure: Canadians are losing trust in their governments, adding stress to our public institutions​

A free-market economy is not possible without democracy, and democracy is not possible without healthy public institutions, including a professional, non-partisan public service. They are the guardians of democracy, and Canadians everywhere need to have a clear-eyed view of how they operate. Standing on the sidelines waiting for someone else to get involved is not the answer. Doing nothing means accepting that Canada will not be able to attract some of its best people to serve in government.

Our public institutions need to rediscover what made them strong in the first place: a willingness to tell policy makers what they should do rather than what they can do, a commitment to serve all Canadians in the same professional manner, and the promotion of a frugal culture in government operations. In order for public institutions to work, Canadians need to be able to look to politics as a noble profession, to see politicians and public servants who give more than they take and are motivated to serve in the public interest.

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