Trump jumps in & makes things right in wake of biden’s NG scandel


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Aug 26, 2008
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My message to the U.S. Military is that Trump did you right, straightened out the VA, while today's Democrats treat you like cannon fodder serfs and will continue to.
Good luck!
What gave you the mistaken impression that Trump straightened out the VA. BAD AS EVER.
He gave them the opportunity to seek doctor's outside of the VA, you salivating mongrel.
Whoa! Why would they need to go outside the VA if Trump had fixed it. Sounds more like he was saying: ”I’m not going to fix it, go somewhere else”


If Trump was treating the Military so well, why did he call dead soldiers and POW’s suckers and losers? Why did he refer to senior Generals as “MY generals”.
It was Obama that fixed it, and he came up with the Veterans Choice Act after the debacle where the VA wasn't seeing people in a timely manner. All Trump did was take credit for something he never did.
Sorry cumcatcher, it was the Mission Act signed by Trump in 2018 that gave vets real access, not phony per-approved access, to outside VA healthcare.
You fucksticks lie at every goddamned chance!
Sorry idiot, but it wasn't Trump that gave us access, it was Obama. If you want, come to Amarillo, and I can show you both my VA card, as well as the one that is Veteran's Choice. No, Trump didn't do crap other than try to take credit for something he never did. Obama gave the veterans the VA Choice. Trump only tried to put his name on it, like he always does and try to claim credit. By the way you colon jousting sperm burping gutter bitch, have YOU ever served? And, if you did, are you part of the VA healthcare system? I'm guessing not. I have the credentials to prove you wrong. Do you have anything to refute what I've said?

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