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  • I like you (in a platonic sense of course) so that's why I decided to follow you. :)
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    Thanks! I'm just a half crazy dude who has a lot of fun, and has experienced a few things.
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    You're welcome. :)
    OK then.., you are the results of a maggot eating maggot shit. :up: ............ :ahole-1:
    if you were ever in the Navy you had to be BM-1 butt buddy haaaaaaaa ! :up:
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    I guess I didn't.

    Thanks for outing yourself there....gaybait.
    Appreciate the rep.

    Neither my husband and I served in the Canadian military. As we were growing up the Armed Forces up here were going thru a very strange time (long political story; during the Trudeau years our military was deeply gutted and almost turned into a complete peace keeping force that only worked with the United Nations instead of the fabulous fighting forces from before and after this time period).

    Books like "In Retreat": the Canadian Forces in the Trudeau years really lays it on the line on how Trudeau's ideology started us down a path to forfeit Canada's military sovereignty to the United Nations.

    Our young men and women blessedly serve in a fabulous military that has been restored over several decades. Very proud of our forces.

    And thank you for your service (and great taste in movies) :)
    Hey! I didn't neg rep you!
    Hey! Stop neg repping me.
    Hey! Give me a positive one!
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