Trump, Cohen secret discussion before testimony: Perfectly "normal" or perfectly "criminal"?


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May 8, 2017
'Perfectly Insane': George Conway Scorches Any Testimony Talk Between Trump And Cohen

Critics erupted Sunday after Rudy Giuliani insisted that any discussion that may have occurred between President Donald Trump and Michael Cohen concerning Cohen’s testimony before Congress would be “perfectly normal.” George Conway, the husband of top White House aide Kellyanne Conway, blasted it as “perfectly insane” for the potential target of an investigation to be talking about testimony with a witness.


Could you imagine if, Obama was the target of criminal investigations?

Republicans would be marching with pitchforks only because he was the target.

But then Obama said it's normal to talk to a hostile witness before that witness gives testimony?

Republicans would literally give birth to cows.

If it would be criminal for Obama, then it most certainly would be criminal for Trump.

Oh wait, Trump's white. Maybe not?
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But he (Rudy) also conceded it’s possible the men discussed the testimony before it occurred, which he said would be “perfectly normal.” If it did happen, he asked, “So what?”

The “so what” could involve possible witness tampering and obstruction of justice.


So what? Really?
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Republicans do understand that witness tampering is a crime. Even if you do it out in the open.
Good 'ole Rudy sure is limber for an old guy ain't he? Gets that foot right up into his mouth with no trouble at all!

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