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  1. deanrd

    Was the maligned Trump university actually an institution of higher learning?

    Was the maligned Trump university actually an institution of higher learning? Did trump university really help thousands of Americans to make better lives for themselves? And what about Trump foundation? Was that a famous charity that helped many Americans? Were they reputable and successful...
  2. JimH52

    Bannon: trump will fail when.....

    Bannon: Trump Will Fall When People Realize He’s ‘Just Another Scumbag’ Yup....that is what he is....just another charlatan....a flim glam man.....He has made you trumpettes look like you are the most clueless human being alive. He laughs at your stupidity.....and you still drool for his lies.
  3. deanrd

    How many think Trump will be in prison before the end of 2021?

    Nearly 400 former federal prosecutors signed onto a letter Monday claiming that if Donald Trump was not a sitting president, he would have been found guilty of obstruction of justice from evidence laid out of special counsel Robert Mueller's Russia probe. Bill Weld, who announced he running for...
  4. deanrd

    Bright side: Republicans can’t claim to be the party of Law and Order any longer.

    There’s always the bright side. Because Republicans put a criminal into office an unindicted co-conspirator to multiple felonies, and they refuse to allow the oversight required by the house from the US Constitution, they prove they can no longer call themselves the party of law and order...
  5. deanrd

    Fox news sat on Stormy Daniels story to protect Trump.

    Fox News killed Stormy Daniels hush money report before election: New Yorker We knew Fox news was in Donald Trump‘s pocket. But is this even legal? Was there money that exchanged hands? You can bet the house is going to investigate this story. Every day we find out how dishonest fox news...
  6. deanrd

    Matt Gaetz Under Investigation By Florida State Bar Over Michael Cohen Threat

    Matt Gaetz Under Investigation By Florida State Bar Over Michael Cohen Threat The Florida Bar has opened an investigation into whether Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) violated professional conduct rules by threatening former Trump fixer Michael Cohen ahead of Cohen’s congressional testimony on...
  7. deanrd

    Well Republicans be able to hide the Mueller report from the American people?

    Will Republicans be able to hide the Mueller report from the American people? I don’t believe they’ll be able to hide it. Remember, the FBI leaked thousands of pages from the Hillary investigations and she was never convicted of anything or charged with anything. But I think Republicans...
  8. deanrd

    Cohen refuses to testify before congress, citing THREATS from Trump

    Cohen postpones testimony, citing threats from Trump Michael Cohen postpones congressional testimony, claims 'threats' from President Trump and Rudy Giuliani My thread was stopped just as the new media caught up. Cohen afraid to testify after Trump THREATENS his family!!!! Refuses to go to...
  9. deanrd

    Trump, Cohen secret discussion before testimony: Perfectly "normal" or perfectly "criminal"?

    'Perfectly Insane': George Conway Scorches Any Testimony Talk Between Trump And Cohen Critics erupted Sunday after Rudy Giuliani insisted that any discussion that may have occurred between President Donald Trump and Michael Cohen concerning Cohen’s testimony before Congress would be “perfectly...
  10. W

    GOP lawmakers rip Dems for calling Cohen to testify

    Its time to consider finally ripping a new one on these treasonous and lawless making GOPer slime who have ties to terrorist and foreign and domestic antigovernment conspiring sleaze. These GOPer enemies against humanity are not worth the spit it would take to cuss them out. Justice needs to...
  11. deanrd

    I think it's important to take a good look at the Up for Election Senate map for 2020

    This was the 2018 Map: Notice how many Blue States were up for re election? And with Democrats having nearly triple the number of seats up, Republicans only won a meager two more than they had. Now this is 2020: A lot of states there that have been trending Blue. And, this will be a...
  12. deanrd

    Have you noticed the massive increase in attacks on the left?

    Have you noticed the massive increase in attacks on the left on the USMB? Seems about every other thread is some kind of attack on the left wing. Name-calling hate filled rants. It’s because they are freaking out. They know Donald Trump is going down. Every single Trump business or...
  13. deanrd

    Can Republicans working for Trump still be prosecuted after leaving Trump Administration?

    A Guide to the 17 Federal Investigations into Ryan Zinke Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke might face a criminal investigation Trump's Cabinet has been rocked by a number of ethics scandals — here's a complete guide Those are just up to Feb of 2018. This one is from FOX News: Trump Cabinet...
  14. deanrd

    You do understand why Trump and his wife were invited to George H.W. Bush's funeral? Don't you?

    Of course, it would have been easier to just not invite Mafia Don who is under criminal investigation. But the Bush family went the high road and invited Trump and his immigrant wife. They may have invited Trump as a sign of respect to the Office of the President, but that's not how Trump or...
  15. TheProgressivePatriot

    Trump EPA Official Who Fought Coal Cleanup Arrested On Criminal Ethics Charges

    Does everyone remember when Trump said "I only hire the best people " It appears that what he meant was he hires the best people to undermine the administrative agencies that they head or work in. This one is a real beauty: hires...
  16. deanrd

    You think Donald (Mafia Don) Trump is freaking out now? Isn't it obvious what's gonna happen next?

    It's not the Democrats. It's Mafia Don's own past which is catching up to him. He is going to get it from at least three directions at once. 1. New York - doesn't fall under federal jurisdiction. He has his criminal organization, the "Trump Foundation" that's not been allowed to dissolve...
  17. deanrd

    Do you have any idea what it means if Democrats get subpoena power?

    Republicans better hope they keep the house. Do you have any idea what it means if Democrats get subpoena power? Barrack Obama disappointed many, many Democrats by not going after George Bush for everything from his involvement in big company failures, to big tax cuts for the rich to two wars...
  18. deanrd

    History will see Donald Trump as the gold standard for a certain type of politician.

    History will see Donald Trump as the gold standard for a certain type of politician. In the future people use Donald Trump has the perfect example of the following: A lying politician, that can’t be denied in anyway shape or form. Hypocritical politician. He accuses of others of hate and...
  19. deanrd

    Why trump won’t run for a second term.

    Trump doesn’t want to lose. And if he runs a second term he most definitely will lose. Who’s going to vote for him besides old white people and racists? Trump is going to not run for a second term and hope that once he leaves office he can say there, I fixed everything. And he’s going to...
  20. deanrd

    Tracking trumps conflicts of interest ~ there are just so many

    Tracking Trump's Conflicts of Interest I was looking at this website which documents Donald Trump’s different conflicts of interest. His wrongdoing is so broad it could be divided up into at least a dozen different threads. I think my favorite is the millions Trump is making from foreigners...
  21. deanrd

    Was there anyone who thought Trump would turn out to be this corrupt?

    191 criminal charges 35 indictments 5 guilty pleas 2 sitting in jail All in a little over a year. Then you have the Trump Foundation currently fighting a civil lawsuit and recommended for criminal charges. Three Trump golf course in Europe have lost 200 million dollars and no one can explain...
  22. deanrd

    Michael Cohen slams the president. What will that mean to Trump going forward?

    Trump lawyer Michael Cohen criticizes family separation policy as he quits RNC finance post: Report Cohen quit as the Republican National Committee's deputy finance chairman in part because it "simply is impossible" to give that post "full time attention and dedication" as he faces a criminal...
  23. deanrd

    You guys have got to stop bringing up Hillary Clinton. It's NOT making your case.

    Hillary was investigated endlessly for over 30 years. No crime. Tens of millions in taxpayer money spent and all for nothing. Trump has been president a year and a half. His foundation is under criminal investigation. He's had to pay out tens of millions to settle civil suits. His entire...
  24. deanrd

    New information about Clinton Foundation puts the Clintons in jeopardy of going to jail!

    Clinton Foundation Admits It Gave Money to 'Disqualified Person' Election Loss Won't Shield Clintons From Legal Woes Mueller Scrutinizing Ukrainian Magnate’s $150,000 Gift to Clinton Charity Doug Schoen who withdrew his “support” from Hillary Clinton’s campaign in October 2016, on the grounds...
  25. deanrd

    Don't worry, Trump's Son In Law, Jared Kushner hasn't been forgotten.

    Kushner’s company subpoenaed by federal jury after filing false paperwork The Kushner Cos. received a federal subpoena on Thursday as investigators look into whether the real estate company repeatedly filed false paperwork that incorrectly claimed it served zero rent-regulated tenants. Kushner...
  26. TheProgressivePatriot

    Trump Has One Foot On A Bananna Peel and The Other in A Jail Cell

    Folks, there is a lot of under the MSM radar going on and this is a big one. How ya all think that T-Rump will do in the Big House? Not well I suspect even if it's one of the so called Federal "Country Clubs" He still is not likely to get his Big Macs and KFC and oh, aren't people in prison...
  27. roypatterson

    The James Comey Story

  28. woz75

    Criminal Bible Belt Hotties

    Question for singles...would you date someone with a criminal past? What about some these hotties from the bible belt? Good wholesome family values with enough of a 'wild side' to get locked up behind bars ;) Check these babes out lol 29 BEAUTIFUL Mugshots That Will Make You Want Visit The...
  29. A

    CDZ RCC Podcast: Lying for Justice

    So this thread on the forums showed a video, where a group of black men (boys), where gambling on the street corner, which of course is illegal. When the police showed up, which they do when people call police, the men started to disperse. The police started going through the men there, they...
  30. P@triot


    This needs to be thoroughly investigated. For those not familiar, the WikiLeaks dump provided volumes of bizarre emails to and from John Podesta with cryptic messages - often times referring to pizza and pizza toppings. Those in the underground world have come forward on the internet and...

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