There Has Never Been A Greater Betrayal By A President


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Jul 17, 2018
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Guns are not responsible for gun crimes, the people who use the guns for crime are.
So it was the Mexican Bandits who shot Brian Terry who were responsible for his death and not the failed Fast-n-Furious operation the ATF tried to pull off or President Obama. Nice to know you believe in that logic at least.
Hey dummy, Obozo and Holder gave the Mexicans those guns. Making them liable for first degree murder. Your lose, thanks for playing, you don’t even get a lousy copy of our home game.
So for you it's the guns that kill, not the people who load them, tote them around, and fire them.

Furthermore it's not true, nearly every one of those guns were paid for by the cartels. See that's how straw purchases are conducted to this very day in AZ. Too bad the 4th Amendment isn't as profitable as the 2nd is.

But Mexico does by a lot of guns from us and the Cartels do raid and steal these guns so I guess Obama was kind of giving them those guns.
Hey dummy, you give a killer the gun, you are just as liable as the guy pulling the trigger. It’s called accessory dumbass. See dumbfuck, Obozo and Holder couldn’t manage to keep track of THEIR gift to the cartels, resulting in the death of an American citizen. You find that funny you piece of shit? Two words asshole: Fuck Off.
I see your misconception is that Obama or Holder gave anyone weapons. Nope, in nearly every case the ATF watched the suspected straw buyer plopped down hard cold cash and legally purchased the weapons. That why AZ's wouldn't charge them with a crime, and then the guns were re-sold, again legal in AZ. Then they were smuggled into Mexico.

But always remember, guns don't kill people, people with guns kill people.
Gee moron, who gave the cartels those weapons? Your complete idiocy on full display. This was all on Obozo and Holder. Their plan, their idea, their fault. Period. Your pathetic excuses don’t fly here.
Nobody gave them weapons, just ask the dealers who profited from the sales. It was an ATF operation out of AZ.

Remember guns don't kill people, people with guns kill people.
None so blind as libtards who deny reality. Remember, you’re an idiot.

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