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The truth does not matter.. anymore


I love Andrea & April
Mar 7, 2007
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La Mesa, CA
I think about how annoying is it to try and talk politics let alone debate them with human beings anymore. :eusa_doh:

I cant seem to disagree with a substantial amount of people on the left without being yelled at, name-called, or in fear of being assaulted. Seems we have been reduced to a nation of knee-jerk political correctness. The most important factor is not offending someone. Not actually saying the truth. I have seem an alarming rate of sandbox behavior from the two parties lately, although I still think the radical left is far more dangerous.

Please explain to me, the last time, a liberal speaker at a college, was shouted down, yelled at, called names, and was threatened with physical violence, simply for disagreeing, Now, i know their are a lot of knuckle heads in my party, but based on the liberal indoctrination of college campuses, along with the silencing of criticism of the bush administration, we dont have freedom of speech, because you will be called a traitor, thrown in jail, or murdered, simply for disagreeing.

Good bye, america...

It was nice knowing you.

I miss the days, when people were honest, even if it meant, admitting their party screwed up.

Note: Im not happy with either party right now, but liberalism is killing america with its political correctness, see; npr/kpbs, not showing good muslims vs bad muslims, and 90% of the 144 main reporters, since 2004, giving money to democrats. So much for ethics, I guess the media, is a big fat obese hypocrite.

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