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Aug 9, 2005
Israeli army chief under attack over share sell-off

JERUSALEM, Aug 15 (Reuters) - Israel's armed forces chief came under political fire on Tuesday after a newspaper reported he sold off a stock portfolio just hours after Hizbollah abducted two Israeli soldiers in a raid that triggered a month-long war.

Lieutenant-General Dan Halutz, acknowledging the sale in comments to reporters, denied any impropriety.

The Maariv daily said Halutz went to his bank branch and sold shares worth 120,000 shekels ($27,460) three hours after the soldiers were seized by the Lebanese guerrilla group on July 12.

Key share indexes in Israel fell around 12 percent at the outset of fighting between Israeli forces and Hizbollah after the abduction. Share prices gradually recovered and now stand slightly below pre-war levels.

"It was my portfolio of shares, on which I had lost 25,000 shekels," Maariv quoted Halutz as saying.

"It is true that I sold the portfolio on July 12 but it is impossible to link that to the war. At the time, I did not expect or think there would be a war," he said, according to Maariv.

A day after the abduction, Israeli aircraft carried out a major attack in Lebanon, bombing runways at Beirut airport.

In separate comments to reporters, Halutz said: "This is a malicious, biased report. I do not know who is behind it and I do not plan to be dragged into a subject that besmirches my integrity."

Several legislators responded to the report by demanding Israel's attorney-general open an investigation. One lawmaker called for Halutz's resignation.

But market analysts said it did not appear Halutz had broken any insider trading laws.

Halutz has already been attacked by some Israeli military affairs commentators over his handling of the campaign against Hizbollah.

They charged the former fighter pilot put too much emphasis on an air war in Lebanon in the early stages of fighting instead of sending in large contingents of ground forces to try to halt rocket attacks on northern Israel.

The truth is, Israel has lost much prestige not being able to achieve its set goals in a very very small Territory.

Isn't it surprisingm, that Israeli press comes now with this story, after Israeli chief of staff obviously failed in Lebanon?

The search to sacrifice a pawn seems to begin...
The war costed Israel 23 Billion new Israeli Shekel. About 4 Billion Euros.

The predicted growth of Israel's economy was revised from 5,5 % to about 4 %.
The value-added tax, which was this year sunken to 15,5 % will grow likely to 16,5 %.

The north of Israel was hit bad. According to the Israelian Agrar-Minister Simhon it will take 3-5 years to take the agrar-production to where it was before the war.
From 40.000 corporations in North-Israel, 10.000 are to be said in a status to collapse.

Tourists reversed their bookings for August, September, Obtobre.
It will take 2 years to reach Tourist count again, where it was before war.

Tova Pinto, Leader of Israeli Hotel-Association awaits major problems for Hotel-Industry.
Israelis who fled from the North are now in the Hotels. When they go again to the North of Israel, no customer will be there.

All for nothing. Nothing was achieved. Hizbullah fired in the end more missiles then on the beginning day.

P.S: Informations i have from Jerusalem Post, Turkish newspaper and Turkish TV interviewing a professor of Beth Shalom Aleichem /Tel Aviv University.
So, canavar, does this turn of events make you happy?

Allegation. I troy to see this by the facts. And we saw that Israel lost much of its Prestige as being an indomitable Army.
What is wrong with shareing this view with you?
Allegation. I troy to see this by the facts. And we saw that Israel lost much of its Prestige as being an indomitable Army.
What is wrong with shareing this view with you?

Nothing is WRONG with sharing canavar, just seemed to go a little beyond that is all.

I could be wrong.:blues:

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