The Most Shocking Thing....


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Jun 19, 2009
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So the Media is back sensationalizing trivial things, like the end statement whether to accept Clinton's candidacy if elected.
They claimed it's the most shocking thing, Really? More shocking then the criminal acts evidence that came out during the email leaks or the crime to delete them, because it exposed bigger crimes?
IF there is evidence of crimes (which there is) and blatant fraud (which we have past and present proof of), then how is it anymore shocking then someone saying they won't accept or invest in
Bernie Madoff?
Not supporting criminals is normal, expecting people to bend over and give a crook their wallet while they make laws to let criminals stay in the country to rob you every single say-is not normal, nor smart.

So I dare the media to invest in these
Bernie Madoff politicians, and I dare let them talk Joe Public into investing along side of them and let's see how fast you lose your viewership when they lose everything because of your ignorance and loyalty to criminals.

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