The Masters will get off to a rainy start tomorrow.

Watching Player, Watson and Jack start the Masters with their drives might be the best part for me. 61 years since Jack won his first green jacket, understandably he showed it on his drive, he was tearing up before he hit it. GOAT.
Yeah the coverage this year is annoying! Just a lot of yakking on three different channels until most of the rounds were half over.

I turned on Mute to avoid Leftist BS. Then placed a few small bets to make it wirth watching. I glanced in CBS 3ET onwards.
It would be understandable if these guys just try to hang on Sunday, not going for impossible shots to score low. Scheffler seems to be showing his mettle - best player in the world right now. This is truly the "Super Bowl" of golf. I love it.
Didn't get to watch any of it today but I followed the scores this afternoon. Lotta wide swings in the top-10 with the exception of Morikawa. He was steady.
Wow, those greens are killing these guys. Look at Morikowa's end, he hit a thing of beauty to within a few feet on 16, only to miss the birdie putt. Then on 17 he had some winding, length of the green putt, and almost holed it, and then had a long uphill putt to save par. Two birdies he just missed. After shanking his drive on 18 he chipped to within a few feet to save his par.

Very interesting on those putting greens, these guys were all missing these short ones today.
I wouldn't be too hard on Tiger. He's only played one full 4 day tournament in 2 years.
I watched it online Friday afternoon. He was slightly favoring his bad leg by the end of the day. Just walking an 18 hole course is hard on him. If he's going to continue to play, it has to be limited events on short courses.
Interesting story on Live at the Masters this morning on the Swedish kid Ludwig Aberg. This kid was on the Ryder Cup team last year, the first one ever to be part of that team who had never played in a major before. And here he is in his first major and in 4th place on Sunday. He is a future star.

Fuzzy Zoeller in 1979, only first timer to win the Masters. A few others were 2nd or T-2, last one was Zalatoris in 2021.

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