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The London Warning

Adam's Apple

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Apr 25, 2004
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London Warning: A New Step in Terror
By Walid Phares, Front Page Magazine
February 5, 2007

Last Thursday a security report from the UK may have been a low level announcer of a new benchmark in Jihadi terrorism. British Police said it arrested nine, including an Amjad Mahmoud, for “allegedly plotting” what authorities called “Iraq-style kidnapping.” Counterterrorism units arrested the men for planning on “kidnapping a British Muslim soldier and post his beheading on internet.”

According to the reports the serviceman, in his 20s, has served in Afghanistan. The suspects, per the reports, are of Pakistani origin wanted to act a la Zarqawi. They had been monitored for six months by Scotland Yard before the arrests would take place. Last summer, raids foiled a plot involving suspects from Birmingham, London and other British cities who had planned to blow up ten trans-Atlantic flights. Last week's arrests, conducted in Birmingham, would be a crossing of a new benchmark in the Jihadi war against Britain, perhaps even in Europe. Here is why:

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