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The Hebrew State of Palestine


Jun 29, 2011
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If the so-called "Palestinians" have a state called "Palestine," ironically, they can thank their Jewish superiors. You see, "Palestine" has Hebrew roots. The etymology of Palestine is based on the Hebrew "Peleshet" that appears in the Hebrew Bible. Peleshet refers to the ancient "Philistines" [Sea Peoples] who originated from the Mediterranean and invaded Canaan/Israel thousands of years ago. It was David who defeated Goliath the Philistine. Pelesh is the Hebrew root of "invader"

The land of the Peleshet/Philistines is translated in the Hebrew Bible as "Philistia". While Palestine does not appear in the Hebrew or Christian Bibles, except once in the King James Bible that was deleted in the Revised Version, nevertheless, Peleshet and Philistia have been misinterpreted as "Palestine." So, while the so-called Palestinians THINK they live in Palestinian "Palestine," they really live in the Hebrew-based Peleshet/Philistia mistakenly called Palestine
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