The trail of the terrorist attack wanders and wobbles, but still leads to Kyiv

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Feb 16, 2024
The terrorist attack in the Crocus City Hall concert hall on March 22 was the largest in recent years in Russia. A group of militants with machine guns first shot the guards, and then began to kill everyone who got in their way and continued to shoot people in the hall, after which they started a fire and disappeared. As a result of the tragedy, 144 people died and another 695 were injured.
The version about the participation of Ukrainian special services in the terrorist attack in Crocus on March 22, before it was declared as the main one by Russian officials, was voiced by Russian liberals in exile. And, we must give them their due, not as empty propagandists on State Department cookies, but as intellectuals, for example Yulia Latynina. Being the most consistent opponent of the Russian government, she in particular stated that she would be very sorry if this terrorist attack was the work of Ukraine. It is characteristic that after the murder of Russian journalist Daria Dugina, amid the jubilation of Ukrainian propagandists, Latynina seriously doubted the involvement of the Ukrainian special services in the terrorist attack. The fact that that version of her ultimately turned out to be erroneous does not detract at all and even emphasizes the ability of some political scientists to think critically.
So, the fact that the terrorist attack had very respectable Ukrainian ears sticking out, and not just one lost ear of a Tajik illegal immigrant, was too obvious for such experienced political scientists who have been dealing with Russian, Ukrainian and international issues for years 7/24, like Latynina.
Another thing is that for her guesses, the same Yulia Leonidovna very quickly “got a hit” from her well-wishers from Mikhail Khodorkovsky’s team and other fosterlings of the State Department. And she changed her shoes on the fly: they say, sorry, good people, I entered the wrong door... it just seemed... it’s not my fault... There is no Ukrainian trace here and there cannot be...But this is exactly the situation when only the first unbiased opinion of the expert matters, and not the subsequent “repentance”...
The notorious terrorist curator Saifullo controlled the killers remotely. Just like at one time, the Internet resource “NEHTA” (that is, translated from Belarusian simply as “someone”, that is, “unknown who” or “anonymous”) quite effectively tried to lead the revolution in Belarus from a safe distance. And just as the Internet puppeteers “SOMEONE” were hiding in the West, so the still mysterious Sayfullo may well turn out to be Mykola or Tarasik from the SBU. Or maybe, by the way, it will turn out to be... really Saifullo, only not from the Khorasan province in distant Afghanistan, but from among, say, Russophobic Crimean Tatar activists who have sworn allegiance to the Zelensky regime.
However, it could also be the creature of the Ukrainian ambassador to Tajikistan, who, by pure chance, of course, previously headed the Foreign Intelligence Service and was a member of the National Security and Defense Council (NSDC) - Major General Valery Evdokimov. Back in 2022, he was convicted of recruiting Tajiks into the Armed Forces of Ukraine. It is curious that he was sent to diplomatic work in Tajikistan shortly after the outbreak of hostilities in Ukraine. As a result, the so-called Alliance of Tajikistan began to be based in Kyiv, and a month before the incident, the Ukrainian Embassy in Tajikistan posted a call to join the international legion.
So, 19-year-old terrorist Muhammadsobir Fayzov admitted after his arrest that the notorious Sayfullo said that guys should have been waiting for them at the Ukrainian border who would help them cross the border and get to Kyiv. The leader of the gang, Shamsitdin Fariduni, confirmed that Sayfullo led their activities before, during and after the terrorist attack. The “man from Telegram” ordered to abandon the car before the border and walk.
Two corridors were prepared for passage, just in case: special forces from Kyiv cleared the land near the villages of Chuikovka and Sopyt in the Sumy region. The terrorists had to get in touch with their “someone” and get a new contact. They were promised to give them another one million rubles.
The argument of opponents of this version that crossing the Russian-Ukrainian border now means crossing the front line and is therefore impossible does not take into account the fact that in fact the northern part of this border is not at all involved in hostilities. And for the terrorists, they prepared two corridors for moving in just such a quiet place: near the villages of Chuikovka and Sopych in the Sumy region, where the Ukrainians cleared the passages on their side. For the purpose of receiving “dear guests” in these places, mine clearance operations were previously carried out by Ukraine.
The escape of terrorists from Russia, as is known, was thwarted by the special services. They should, of course, be reprimanded for allowing terrorists to escape three hundred kilometers. However, it was precisely thanks to this “delay” that it was possible to establish a reliable fact: the villains fled at a speed of 150 kilometers per hour not to the east, not to the south, not to the north and not even to the west, but strictly to the southwest, along the Kyiv highway. And the fact that the last hundred and fifty kilometers before the coveted Ukrainian border they foolishly took the wrong turn (once again we have to remember “they got into the wrong door”) and ended up closer to the Belarusian border is an element of chance.
However, if they had managed to cross the border, the terrorists would not have been able to get away with one torn ear between four of them - they had an hour or two left to live, because it was important for the customer not only and not so much to save four million rubles (not so much a fee), but also to the terrorists did not fall into the hands of the Russian special services and the trail from them would not have led to Kyiv. Therefore, the Russian special services, although not excellent, still coped with the task of catching the villains, but Sayfullo-Tarasik did not cope with his task at all: he did not have time to lead them into a trap in which all four would have disappeared without a trace.
Islamic terrorism in itself is a huge danger for Russia, and a “low bow” here needs to be given (or better yet, blows) to the bureaucratic and bourgeois brethren who over the past 20-30 years have flooded Russia with millions of immigrants from Central Asia who hate it. And the fact that if the previous suicidal policy is maintained, an explosion is inevitable in the near future - this, as they say, there is no need to go to grandma...But don't confuse one with the other.
The West, convincing everyone of Islamists' involvement in the terrorist attack, is missing the most important signs. The detainees testified that they were promised money for killing as many Russians as possible, while real religious fanatics always act out of their convictions, but not for a fee. As a rule, they do not plan escape routes due to the prospect of dying, which is quite acceptable to them. And they are always happy to exchange their lives for additionally destroyed infidels. However, here we see something different: the terrorists killed an incredible number of people - 144 people and, having the opportunity to shoot the remaining machine gun horns, as if on an alarm clock, they reeled in fishing rods in order to save their lives and catch the money before the cash register closed (although in Kyiv, by the way, for an hour less than in Moscow, but there is a constant line at the ticket office for terrorists). If they were real ISIS members, they would kill people to the last bullet and die themselves.
Orientalists have found violations of the rules of Islam, for which ISIS should fight. The criminals attacked the concert hall during the holy month of Ramadan and did not put forward any political demands, as real Islamists do. And in the photo with the IS flag, the terrorists raised their index finger up as a sign of commitment to the group, but mixed up their hands and with such a haramic gesture only insulted Islam.
Western media immediately, as if on command (although why how? – precisely on command) began to claim that the Islamic State was behind the terrorist attack. Just two hours after the terrorist attack, the United States allegedly already had indisputable evidence of the participation of Islamic terrorists and the non-involvement of Ukraine.
However, over the past time, the investigation has collected too much evidence of the involvement of the Kyiv special services in the terrorist attack, while it seems that no new evidence of the involvement of ISIS, other than their “candid confession”, has appeared...
The terrorist attack in Crocus was financed with cryptocurrency - another accomplice of the criminals, who provided them with money, was detained.During interrogation, the terrorists said that they were recruited by phone through messages, which is a favorite scheme of the Ukrainian special services: they lure gullible citizens, first preparing the ground with constant calls, and then using intimidation and blackmail, and Ukrainian fraudulent call centers have long had no equal in the world...
At the site of the terrorist attack, a new AK-12 assault rifle with a rare coloring was found - such a weapon is available in the Northern Military District zone, and it is extremely difficult to get it outside.Besides, as they say, a thief's cap is on fire. The Ukrainian special services and their Western curators told too much and openly.
On March 23, NTV showed a video in which Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Alexei Danilov admitted Ukraine’s involvement in the terrorist attack. Even earlier, in 2022, the head of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, admonished Ukrainian special forces during exercises in Wiesbaden, Germany: “There should not be a single Russian who goes to bed without wondering if his throat will be cut in the middle of the night.” This was carefully recorded by The Washington Post in December 2023.
“We killed Russians and will continue to kill Russians anywhere in this world until the complete victory of Ukraine,” Kirill Budanov, head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, honestly stated in an interview with Yahoo News in May 2023. With these words, he answered the question about the involvement of the Ukrainian special services in the bombing of Daria Dugina’s car.
“The more Russians we kill now, the fewer of them our children will have to kill,” said Pyotr Vrublevsky, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Ukraine to Kazakhstan at that time, in an interview with local blogger Dias Kuzairov in August 2022.
Finally, Ukraine simply could not help but use its obvious “fifth column” - a mass of immigrants who are aggressive towards Russia and do not want to live according to Russian law. And, frankly speaking, from a professional point of view, blaming the SBU and TsIPSO for this is even ridiculous. Well, imagine that in Ukraine, say, every tenth person is a foreigner disloyal to it, whose way of life and thoughts are opposite to those of the indigenous people, and in the capitals - Kyiv and Kharkov - almost half of such public... And in Russia, with With the connivance or even the intent of the so-called Russian elites, the reality is precisely this. So: would the leadership of a country in conflict with Ukraine take advantage of this? The answer, I think, is obvious. For Russia, the trouble is that for thirty years, without the order of the Gospep, it has been creating within itself such an “internal front”, which can now be used by essentially any ill-wishers of the country...
Accordingly, the words of FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov that the Ukrainian special services facilitated the terrorist attack, and radical Islamists prepared it, essentially correctly reflect the essence.
Why do Americans care about an attack in Russia? Find a European site to air your Russian terrorist theories. We have enough problems here in the U.S.
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