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The First of Many...


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Feb 26, 2012
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Sweden's recognition of a Palestinian Sovereign State is the first of many to follow...The UN World body Security Council got 8 of nine votes for full Statehood, only AIPAC inspired America voted against with last minute vote changer bought off by America prevented the 9 votes needed...The Handwriting is on the wall...The World demands a solution to this quagmire and it is Palestinian Nationhood to the 67 Armistice Lines.

Abbas to Stockholm after Israel shuns Swedish visit - Yahoo News
Stockholm (AFP) - Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas will visit Stockholm next month after Sweden became the first major state of the European Union to recognise Palestine, the Swedish government announced Friday.

"The visit of president Abbas, by invitation from the prime minister, is confirmed for February 10," foreign ministry spokeswoman Ulla Jacobson told AFP. "He will also meet the foreign minister, the king and the archbishop."

She said the agenda would include the Arab-Israeli peace process and "what Sweden can offer after (its) recognition" of Palestine in October.

Sweden's recognition of Palestine came despite strong criticism from Israel which earlier this month said Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Wallstroem was not welcome for an official visit in the country


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Feb 26, 2012
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You do realise that East Jerusalem is inside the Israeli section of the 1967 armistice lines don't you. And the UN will not force Israel and the world to accept enforced borders, it would find itself in front of the ICC for breaching its own charter and resolutions. It was a paper exercise that had no hope of passing even the first round. It will not be brought again unless the UN wants to impose sanctions of the Palestinians and hold them to ransom over their recent behaviour.

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