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The Conservative Brain Is Scared Of Books, Fearful Of Ideas, And Terrified Of The Truth

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Mar 18, 2017
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The truth is the truth, regardless of whatever fearmonger would have the base believe. Fearful and narrow-minded conservatives can burn all the books they want, but

  • America was a full partner in the slave trade. Southern whites fought a war to preserve slavery. And for a century ex-slaves and their descendants were subject to the despicable official racism of Jim Crow laws. And state politicians are still trying to keep minorities out of the ballot box.

  • Gays and lesbians exist. Some children are born with genitalia that does not jibe with their psychological sex. Some people’s gender is not binary. Gender reassignment counseling, hormones, and surgeries are not “mutilation”.

  • Conversion therapy is child abuse. And rapists do not put on dresses to assault women in public bathrooms.

  • “Abstinence-only” sex-ed and purity pledges do not stop kids from having sex. But they do increase unwanted pregnancies and STIs.

  • There is no “gay agenda." Schools are not indoctrinating kids. And CRT is not taught in K-12.

  • Evolution is as solid a scientific theory as the theory of gravity. Climate change is real, human-caused, and will be devastating if not addressed. Burning shit is not the future. Alternate and renewable energy is.

  • The Founders did not create The United States as a religious country. It was not grounded in Judeo/Christian values (Whatever those are. They never say.) Liberals are not persecuting Christians. No one is planning a Bible or gun grab. There are thousands of opinions on the nature of God. Jesus was a person of color. The little mermaid can be any damn race you like — as can Santa Claus.

  • Armed guards and armored schools will not stop gun massacres. The AR-15 is a war weapon, not a “modern sporting rifle” and it is rarely used to hunt. Sensible gun measures will reduce gun violence.

  • School shootings are real — there are no “crisis actors”.

  • Tax cuts on the rich do not benefit the poor. Low corporate tax rates do not create jobs. Biden is not increasing taxes on the middle class.

  • God is not mad at America. We are not in Christian end times. And predictions of our imminent demise at the hands of the Divine are crap.

  • Elvis is dead. So is JFK Jr. And the Clintons never killed anyone.

  • Undocumented foreigners are no more like to commit crimes than natives. They do not come here for handouts. And they work by the millions in jobs Americans will not do.

  • A border wall will not stop the flood of drugs into America or keep foreigners out.

  • QAnon is bullshit - as are the global Jewish banker takeover, the Illuminati, and the New World Order. The United Nations is not going to change the US land use policy.

  • There is no deep state. Muslim terrorists are responsible for 9/11 — not the government or Jews. And FEMA has no death camps in abandoned Walmarts.

  • Ukraine is not led by NAZIs.

  • The COVID vaccination is not microchipped. The MMR vaccine does not cause autism. Bill Gates is not practicing genocide. And the government, while it often gets things wrong, is not deliberately lying to the people.

  • Barack Obama was born in Hawaii. And Democrats did not rig the 2020 election.

I didn't realize the list of stupid with rightards was that long.
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