South Korean UN Sec.Gen??


Mar 28, 2006
Looks like the S.korean chap Mr Ban is going to be our new Sec Gen.. Indian candidate Mr Shashi has withdrawn. In the latest vote , the Indian candidate got 10 favourable votes but unfortunately a permanent member of the SC vetoed him out( Must have been the Chinese bugger) Ban still commands 1st place in the votes followed by the Indian delegate. ANyways , India has withdrawn its candidate even though there is still a a slight chance.
I say this not as an Indian but a world citizen that I would personally have favoured Shashi due to his experience within the U.N. I feel the U.S would also support him as India and U.S have the same concern regarding Asian politics and economy ( and both our rivals is (irectly/indirectly) China).What say????

South Korea is one of the few countries on earth directly threatened with nukes and communism. It should be interesting to see if the UN changes its tune with regards to North Korea if he is elected.
Even if the UN becomes more stricter with N.Korea it makes no difference. N.korea has learnt to live with sanctions and isolation and U.S bases around itself.

Even if S.Korea thru its new" Sec General " tries to squeeze N.Korea it ain't gonna stop N.Korean leaders from increasing their nuclear and military might...


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