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Oct 31, 2008
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No, it has progressed to about 300 W*h/kg with Tesla's 4680 battery, and, with further improvements, may exceed 400 W*h/kg. And there are many batteries in labs that far exceed that density. Some by as much as a factor of 3. But, as Musk has stated, what works in the lab is a long way from being possible to manufacture at a reasonable cost in industrial quantities.
When the 4680 battery goes on sale and is used in a real-world environment we will see real efficency, right now it's marketing. And in laboratories, there are many concepts of batteries with a density of energy even more than 1 kWh / kg (i worked in one of these laboratories), but when these batteries go out of laboratory conditions into real life, many problems arise that prevent the use of these batteries.
We should see the 4680 batteries in the S this year. With the range going up to 520 miles for the S, with increases in performance.

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