So. I went to Groups, and wha happen?

I amso IR

"Well Yea, Duh"!
Jul 11, 2015
My intent, is to establish a site, where all can vent. A place of solitude and comfort where what must be said, can be said, with no threat of overbearing watchfulness. A place where black is black and white is white, no matter the outcome. My name for such a place is the 'CAULDRON'. SAY IT. DO IT. JUST LIVE WITH IT! I have been unsuccessful to this point. Therefore, I try "one more time". Wanna be nice and respectful, enter!. Wanna be nasty, do so at your own risk! The "Cauldron" boils! Biggley! Come on guys get "it" off of your minds Be specific!
Did you get your Group made?
Does Groups even work? I made a group Heel, Judge but when I click on it it says I don't have permission to enter.Something I'm doing wrong?
Double, double, toil and trouble
Fire burn and cauldron bubble.

I thought of that all by myself.
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Welcome. one and all. I am so happy to say, hello. The fact that so many folks have responded positively is incredible. I hope, for one and all to enjoy. We need to be a tight and supportive group.
Then again, maybe not. With the group that is. My fonting exercise also seems to be fluid and unsteady.

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