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Apr 11, 2006
I cannot tell you how deeply I am sickened each time I look at or am exposed to a picture of President George Bush holding hands with Saudi Crown Prince Abdullah.
The Saudis have been the ones who have benefited the most not only from the events of 9/11 which was carried out primarily by Saudi Arabians but by the following invasion and present occupation of Iraq.
Iraq’s government had been the only Arab government opposing the vain policies of Saudi Arabia.
But I am not speaking in defense of Iraq – I just want to point out that it would be well within the character of the Saudi Arabians to convince President Bush, publicly through supporting statements while making private threats against our economy.
After all – if Saudi Arabia could cause such unrest with just two airliners imagine what they could do if they started to manipulate the world oil market even more than they do so now. Their financial reach is tremendous and men like George Bush who desire things to remain undisturbed then keeping the Saudi Arabians happy is a natural response.
It is, to me, still an ugly picture to see our American President prancing around with a Saudi Prince.
The Saudi behavior, as I mentioned, is within character and indeed, is a matter of history. The Arabs and Muslims have behaved like this before.
Only then people spoke against them.
They did not hold hands with them and walk through flower gardens crooning their love for them and promising to lay down American lives to keep Saudi bellies full.
Think also of those representatives and senators who welcome into our midst with open arms the bald-faced lies and economic thievery of Communist China.
It’s up to you what happens to your nation.
Today’s crisis is nothing new and should not be allowed to continue without a reasonable response.
Else – give up your homes and your lives. You have nothing to defend merely because you will not defend it.

Here is an example from Emperor Manuel II Palaeologus’ ‘Funeral Oration’ for his brother Theodore.
“What can one say about those who had deserted to the enemy, joining the wolves, as one might say, desirous of devouring their kinsmen’s flesh, though in fact they were only devouring their own? It would take too long to detail their actions and it is better to omit what would only plunge into gloom those who are already suffering.”

Here is some more :
“I wish to speak of things in general rather than of particular individuals. I say that the Christians who deserted to our enemies, the infidels, are clearly mad, rather they behave worse than those who are diseased in mind. For even if such madmen were to thrust a sword into their bodies they would not harm their souls nor would they arouse hatred in others, but on the contrary the would call forth compassion from onlookers. But any rational man ought to feel great hatred towards these men because they willingly defile their souls with the aid of their full senses. They seek for that which originally spurred them on to a join the enemies of our faith; I speak of wealth and glory and whatever are considered to be the pleasures of life. It would have been hard for them to achieve this had they not appeared acceptable to our enemies to whom they have deserted. And it would certainly have been impossible for them to appear acceptable to them unless they first took part in those things in which our enemies delight. This means that they have to live according to barbarian customs and must willingly defile their souls by unlawful deeds. A worse fate will befall these people than that of madmen, for they will be judged deserving not of compassion but of great hatred, for they have deliberately given themselves up to wickedness, damaging their souls rather than their bodies. But the most abominable thing of all is the fact that they considered it necessary to betray their souls, insult their honour and indeed that of the whole nation against which they have been persuaded to act, otherwise from the outset their actions would have profited them nothing nor would their reward have lasted long. Thus like a bubble which is quickly inflated to bursting point those who thought that they would succeed in getting a well defended city from our enemies had their vain aspirations very rapidly pricked without having achieved anything.”

Still more :
“For how is it possible for a man to observe strictly what he has adopted on the spur of the moment when he so easily tramples down his life-long customs. Moreover to harm one’s nation is to harm oneself, since the whole contains the part. And how can the man who harms himself do good to others? Moreover, if we were to consider this more carefully, such a man becomes loathsome even to his own conscience and how much more to everyone else? But why do I say this when I can make a more telling point? It was impossible for them to preserve their confession and faith in Christ inviolate. Why? Because in their union with Christ they promised absolute loyalty to him and enmity against the demons and yet afterwards they did the opposite. Rather, we should speak out more clearly and point out the enormity of the sin, for those who wish to live with the followers of Muhammad and side with the enemies of the faith against us are fighting against Christ, the source of our faith, and openly waging war against Him.”

Finally :
“Something else also follows which is to be deplored, or rather, is exceedingly wicked. As a result of their intrigues they proclaim Muhammad a prophet. For that abominable man had promised victory against us to the peoples he deceived and enslaved.”

The Saudi's have a disgusting culture. Former CIA case worker Robert Baer estimated that from every barrel of oil bought from the saudis, over a dollar is spent on funding terror and over a dollar is spent on funding the sex-ploits of the royal family.

I recommend Baer's book: Sleeping With the Devil
So how come this stuff never makes it to the newspapers. You'd think the tabloids at least would eat this up.

I have an inquiring mind. I'd like to know what these freaks are up to.:thanks:

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