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Prophets of Doom


Apr 1, 2011
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Prophets of Doom | Watch Free Documentary Online

So, usually anything that boasts to have the aire of biblical revelations I don't usually pay much attention to but only because many times the suggestive ideas are too limiting to be based on Truth... However, this show does not seem to be like such. Last night they had economists on discussing the current state of our global CREDIT crisis. Do we have to be told such is evident and seriously needs to be addressed NOW? Apparently, we DO.

Pushing aside that the one economist was so handsome that I was sure to dream about him... :lol: They had pointers that sent my head reeling into the other direction... Our water sources and supplies. Of all the resources we battle over and run through the political mill we don't say as much about our fresh water supply as perhaps we should.

One thing I did find out when I looked this up a year or so ago was the fact that so many pharmaceutical are being flushed down the toilets of America when by fact our water treatment plants are not equipped to filter those things or to counteract the effects.

That is just one issue, but of course there are many... What should be done about the preservation and purification of our water? It isn't just America's issue... it is the world's.

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