Pro-Mitch McConnell ad links him to Rand Paul


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Nov 21, 2013
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Pro-Mitch McConnell ad links him to Rand Paul - Alexander Burns -

The video of the ad is at the Poliico link.

A conservative outside group plans to launch a heavy-duty ad campaign defending Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s credentials as a foe of the Affordable Care Act and telling voters that he and Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul are “working together to stop Obamacare,” POLITICO has learned.

The nonprofit Kentucky Opportunity Coalition will spend $382,000 over the next week on TV ads across the Bluegrass State, tying McConnell to his conservative junior colleague and blasting the national health care overhaul backed by Democrats.

What is so newsworthy about this is that McConnell, who was first elected to the Senate from the Commonwealth of Kentucky in 1984, riding in on the Ronald Reagan re-election wave, is the SENIOR Senator from the Bluegrass State and also the Senate Minority leader, and yet, his standing among Kentuckians is so tenuous that he is attaching himself to the JUNIOR Senator, Rand Paul, in order to survive the primary process against Tea Party challenger Mike Bevin. And there is no love lost between these two men at all, that is very clear.

Polling from KY shows a horserace between McConnell and Democratic challenger Allison Lundgren, but if Bevin gets the nomination, then it is an easy Senate retention for the GOP. The fact that McConnell has already been running ads against Lundgren for the last six months means that his team is indeed scared that they could lose.

McConnell just barely held onto his seat in the 2008 national election: KY was one of the last states where a Senatorial winner was called on that night.

I suspect that McConnell will survive the primaries (electoral history and statistical precedent are on his side), which will likely make the race one of the top marquee races of 2014.

Now, none of this should be surprising or offensive to either Ds or Rs.

Please remember the scuff with a former McConnell staff-member, who trashed him and then went over to the Rand Paul team. Paul is by far the more popular of the two Senators, and his presidential aspirations are pretty clear. Most likely, Bevin - as a Senator, would be far more in line with Rand Paul on many issues, but, and here is the catch: were McConnell to lose the primary, this means that the Senate has either a new Republican Minority - or possibly - Majority leader after the 2014 mid-terms, and that is not necessarily a plus for Rand Paul. Paul has the "devil you already know" before him, namely, McConnell. But what if the GOP picks a different Senate leader, one whom actually makes Paul's life harder and not easier? Right now, Paul is in a position of strength. If McConnell loses, then Paul also loses some clout.

I cannot imagine that this ad would have been made without -at least- the tacit approval of the Rand Paul staff.


The Politico article then quotes every single word of the ad.

Politico never does this for Democratic ads. You can search the Politico database and you will finding nothing comparable on the D side in terms of advertising for a candidate.

Go take a look at the ad and write what you think about it.

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