Principal over-reacting or was he in the right?


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Apr 23, 2004
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Honestly, I am in the middle on this. I think the principal over-reacted with the choice of reprimand but I also think the girls should have thought their costume through a little better, but it sounds more funny and cute than offensive. What if guys showed up in Superman tights that left nothing to the imagination? Would they have the same treatment?

LONG BEACH, N.Y. - A high school principal has decreed that Captain Underpants has no place in an institution of learning. Three 17-year-old girls were told to leave Long Beach High School on Wednesday after they showed up on Superhero Day costumed as the subject of the best-selling children's books.
"I didn't know which superhero it was, not that it mattered," said Principal Nicholas Restivo.
The girls depicted this superhero _ who has battled, among other things, talking toilets and the infamous Professor Poopypants _ by wearing beige leotards and nude stockings under white briefs and red capes.
"Yes, I know they weren't naked," Restivo said. "But the appearance was that they were naked."
"They're not see-through or anything," said one of the girls, Chelsea Horowitz, an honor student and softball player. "All the teachers thought it was cute."
But Restivo made his decree: There would be no visible underpants in his hallways.
And thus, Horowitz and fellow seniors Ashley Imhof and Eliana Levin went home to change back into their mortal attire.
I think it was a cute idea, but you do have to draw the line somewhere. I don't know that simply making them go home & change was too harsh.
would you have given the same treatment to guys who dressed in tight-tights or spandex (aka superman or spiderman) where their costume leaves nothing to the imagination.

I don't know, would the girls have been sent home in 'tight tights' or spandex? IF they were covered? My guess is no, barring it being skin toned, thus looking naked. As for the guys, if obviously a 'super hero' my guess is for Halloween type event, no.

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