Presbyterian Adam Smith Likely Knew Not About Free Markets!


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Feb 22, 2009
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The original Shekel was named after She--wheat-Kel--measure--in the original civililization of Sumer. The people would store up grain in exchange for better experienced, sensual intercourse, on behalf of everlasting fertility. Hookers these were probably not. Still, more grain would tend to create more shekels. Less grain would tend to create fewer shekels--with likely less attention paid to whether or not the lesser--shekel blessed(?), would actually get enough--of what the shekels were for.

Dominance of the market-place would easily then eventually arise, no doubt as a freak of nature(?). In Code of Hammurabi, subsequent the Sumer, Silver, fixed usury rates: Then anyone could indenture the household out as slaves in return for settlement of debts. Arithmetic was not condemned in Code of Hammurabi, as the creator of the insolvency. The arithemetic, even of the cajones, would go unnoticed(?)! Code of Moses, centuries later, would further fail to condemn the arithmetic, only nothing that usury could not be charged among the congregation members themselves. "Screw "Em" would take on the trappings of an Ordinance of One or Another of the deities. More likely, that had already become commonplace!

So in Leviticus, futher, and just as an example: Suddenly everyone is able to read about what the congregation was doing in response to an actual free market economy!

Leviticus 24 - Olive Oil and Bread Set Before the LORD - Bible Gateway

In a truly free market place, the eyes and teeth were not off-limits in the original free marketplaces of ancient civilization. fights clearly happened. The breaking of bones had not been off-limits. The rule of the young and strong was everywhere noticed to be an original free market. Anyone can guess what the Code of Moses was up against. The Sumerian Shekel was only about, 1500 years old. The Old Fart with the AK-47 had not been invented. So what became religion, anyone would say, was actually the first attempt to regulate an unrestrained free market. That was a market of unregulated, original humans.

Ancient Civilizatons were not that far removed from desperation and starvation. In the Absence of ObamaCare(?), then plauge and pests and famine were ordinary. In that context, then humanity would flourish(?)! Many would say that. What was actually a regulated market place, with Codes: Even became the imperial humanity subjugation. Slavery codes would even be acknowledged in the redeeming New Testament, from a fellow out of Nazareth, in Judea. It is not shown that the fellow had any personal experience of slavery. The strong control of force--the original market regulator--would nevertheless be upheld, even in that Code. And so there were further attempts to regulate the market place. The Romans at 5'5" tall would subjugate the known world of 5'1" male adults. The 5'8" Scandavians would eventually do in the Romans.

Failing to notice all of that: Then along would come a Presbyterian, suggesting that greater fertility would tend to lower prices, and that lesser fertility would tend to raise prices. That kind of market was not discussed, nor could it be. A phenomenon like that would take some explaining. The schools would repeat, "Supply and Demand," but not with the very most ancient applications of arithmetic. That would not be shown an outcome of an actual free market but of a phenomon never discussed: In the clear context of the cajones behavior distribution. No one would say that actually that market would be an original regulated, "Rich getting richer, and poor getting poorer," arithmetic. Somehow instead, that became a basis for "Moden Capitalism." Instead of everybody. . .getting enough: It was going to be the case instead that some would actually get more than others(?)! Many would say, "A Law of Nature!"

That would make its way into schools, scene of even more youth-gang free markets, needing even more regulation. Adam Smith likely overlooked Free Markets, and in fact failed to discuss them, much. Leviticus 24, and other writing, actually got off to a much better start: With Understanding Free Markets!

"Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
(Young Warrior trust fertilit(ies)(?) to back of Great Prairie Stallion, rushing with the swift power of The Great Spirit--in far more efficient, lack of costume--or pretentions, counting many coups! Tea Ships were for White Eyes to board, dumping all the substance, and other treasure, into the sea!)

"Screw "Em" would in fact become religion. It was even in the Bible(?)! Adam Smith would be honored for celebrating--whatever there was before Leviticus 24, and other such messages.

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