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Picked up some 5.56


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Dec 8, 2014
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Definitely plan to try 55 gr. Back in the day, was pretty consistent at whatever range popup targets the range had in Scout school at Fort Knox. I started back in 77. At that time, it was an M-16 using 55 gr M193.

I like the 55 balistic tips, open up a hole in a critter big enough to put a softball in it.
I watched a couple of Paul Harrell videos on YouTube last night on 5.56 ammo comparisons after we conversed, pointing out that the long 22 inch A1 barrel with 1:12 twist does not impart enough spin to stabilize M855 on short shots for improved accuracy or correction of yaw, where as my 1:7 twist as in the A2 barrel does a better job, even at 16" length. Still, the lighter M193, 55 GR federal ammo left the barrel at higher velocity and stabilized better than the heavier M855 62 GR current NATO round. True, terminal effective range distance accuracy is improved as that much mass carriers further with less deviation than the 55 GR without the steal core. He also speculated that imperfection of centering of the steal core could account for slight less accuracy in the mid-range distances and showing yaw on impact as witness by elongated entry holes instead of perfectly round.
Side note: I was not that impressed with the size of his groupings compared to mine, until I realized he was shooting from the standing erect position, where all my range shots last week were from table supported by carpeted blocks, erect being the least stable shooting position. I didn't practice erect much in the military for obvious reasons, though probably most common hunting stance for small varmint, a key use of this size round.
So, yes, I am convinced and started looking for 500 and 1000 round deals 55 Grain comparable to M193, 5.56 until bed time. Saw some surprising deals but invariably not in stock. I wish they wouldn't do that crap to get me to read their blurb if they haven't go any to sell.
M-193 (55) does OK in 1/12, 1/9, 1/8 and 1/7. It does best in 1/12. The M-855 (62) will do fine in 1/9, 1/8 and 1/7. It will be terrible in 1/12.

I do my range reloads in 55 grains.

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