Bull Ring Penelope I do not support or believe in Faith Healing that I agree is dangerous and deadly


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Jan 21, 2010
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National Freedmen's Town District
Dear Penelope:
Please do not make any false, defamatory or slanderous or libelous
statements about me.

It is false to say or imply that I believe in or support
faith healing which is like saying I believe and have intent to murder people.

I reported your post. If it cannot be removed because of the way you worded it,
I will ask the Mods help to moderate and facilitate conflict resolution
where this mistake isn't made over and over again.

I tried to resolve this with you before, that spiritual healing is not the
same as faith healing. If you false state that I believe in faith healing
I will ask that post to be removed as slander/libel/defamation of character.

Please do not make this mistake again.
You can say that I believe in spiritual healing
but not "faith healing' which is dangerous
and thus a defamatory statement.

Yours truly,
Emily Nghiem

Please reply that you understand
that faith healing is not the same as spiritual healing
and that faith healing is so dangerous and deadly
that it is defamatory slander or libel to to falsely state
that I believe in it or support it in any way.

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