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Go here for another write up on Gretchen Wilson. A new song from her will be released tomorrow named "Little Miss Runner Up". :) :) :)

God bless you and the Redneck Woman always!!!


P.S. Can you believe that her "Redneck Woman" song is 20 years old now!
Go here for more concerning Billy Ray Cyrus and here for the latest concerning Wynonna.

God bless you and them and their families always!!!

My Jeep Wrangler Has a CD player.
Chestnut Still plays and will always play.

Along with GreenDay, Blink182, Midland, Pardi, Keith Whitley, George, Willie, and Waylon.
Go here for news concerning the lead singer of The Mavericks and here for news concerning Chris Young. I pray that they both get nothing but good news.

God bless you and them and their families always!!!

Go here for an interesting write up concerning the national anthem.

I wish that I could hear Alison Krauss take a crack at the song. I am under the impression that she has never done it before and if I am right about that, I would love to know why not. You would think that with a voice as perfect as hers, she would be the one out there doing it whenever it is to be done. I also wish that I could hear Mason Ramsey sing the entire song now that his voice has changed. So far, all that I have been able to find is a clip here of his beginning and a clip here of his ending on May 15th this year.

God bless you and him and Alison always!!!

Holly (a fan of Alison for 30 years now)

P.S. Whoever stuck Mason with that bum microphone, I'd like to thank them for letting us know how far their brain train doesn't travel.
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