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  • Wow. I went to the Rodin exhibit in Canada....
    Thanks for the note. I made that photo at the Rodin Museum in Paris.
    By the way, if it interests you, I have more photographs from the museum.
    Are the seats better in the Center (of the cafeteria)? Yeah - probably - lets you choose a little bit o' the Left and a little bit o' the Right and a lot of middle-ground stuff as seems best on a case-by-case basis. Fer my money it's the only way to fly, but that's just me. :)
    Never let the slimy reactionaries' negging bug you. They are worthless in some of their values, for sure.
    I'm often amazed at what people neg rep - very often they are strong arguments that they simply dislike, which is kinda frustrating!
    Well that's strange.... What's wrong with a negative rep? If someone lies or says something absurd, why shouldn't they receive a negative rep?

    If you're not going to grade comments properly, I don't think you should be giving out positive reps either.
    Thanks for the much needed rep. Hell, Quantum Windbag just gave me a meg for talking about MHunterB's neg. Apparently some people on this site are childish and vindictive. As for me, I have never negged anyone except those who negged me for no good reason. If I disagree with a person, I will debate him openly. MHunter B neged me but didn't say a word on the thread about my post. I thought that was cowardly.

    Some people have no clue that negs can be hurtful. When I get one, I feel lousy for days.
    I did it, because I SO disagree with what you said.
    Isn't that why you can + or - a post?
    I'll probably plus a few of yours, too ~
    but if I VEHEMENTLY disagree?
    Well, I'll just PM you, if that suits?
    I had to rep Quantum because I was surprised that we agree on this. Its a rare (and happy) occasion when we find common ground. :) Glad I have some support on that thread, I have no idea what is going through their heads.
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