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Once again... the Negative news of MSM sells! "Climate change and worsening drought..."


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Sep 19, 2011
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Another proof of BIASED MSM selling negative news that doesn't tell the WHOLE story.
Headline from this source:The Southwest is bone dry. Now, a key water source is at risk.
Climate change and worsening drought have driven water stores to dangerous lows.
OK let's do a little calculations.
How many people in California today: 2022 over 39,350,000.
How many people in CA when Colorado river water first used in 1910: 2,377,549
How many residential swimming pools in CA in 1910 -ZERO
How many pools today: 1,180,000 swimming pools in 2022 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_California_(1900–present)
How many gallons of water in average residential pool: 15,360 gallons.
Hmmm... so when the Colorado river was supplying all and MORE of CA water needs population was 2,377,549 and no swimming pools.
BUT today due to "CLIMATE CHANGE"... water stores at dangerous lows!!!! OH my goodness! "The sky is falling...because of climate change"!!
WAIT... 1,180,000 pools holding 15,360 gallons each or: 18,124,800,000 gallons of water today in swimming pools.
OK so how many acre-feet of water does CA get from Colorado River?
Well the Colorado river has 16,500,000 acre-feet of water and CA uses 27% or 4,455,000 acre-feet.
How many gallons in 1 acre-foot of water? 325,851 gallons or CA uses 1,451,666,205,000 gallons per year.
CA swimming pools use 1.25%
Oh by the way the average amount used per person in CA today is 36,891 gallons/year/person.
So the real question should be: If there are today 16 TIMES as many people maybe it's not "Climate CHANGE" but population change???
So why doesn't the MSM do what I did... just a little research before lazily copying "Climate Change" mantra?

Donald H

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Nov 26, 2020
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So why doesn't the MSM do what I did... just a little research before lazily copying "Climate Change" mantra?
Climate change is an accepted fact now. You need to chase after Anthropogenic factor.
Low information attempts to attack science aren't helpful.

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