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Obama short on substance still loses the debate.


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Sep 8, 2008
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Hollywood actors are one thing, but political actors are used to totally manipulate the people and are indeed masters of deception, and this is something that is very dangerous.

The enemies of truth and freedom use Hollywood puppets such as Obama as a front man to mask all the grievous plans they secretly implement behind the scenes. This inept president is giving away the country by increasing the debt our enemies use as leverage to erase our laws and enslave Americans under the yoke of Communism stealing, and privatizing the entire government.

Anyone that's really paying attention to what this so-called president actually does (not what he says) will see the Erosion of our Constitutional rights, freedom, privacy, and national identity.

The debate being held in a sports complex building trivializes the debate in subliminal ways that are very underhanded, that help deceive people into accepting rehashed rhetoric rather than meaningful dialogue.

Buildings used for sports is not conducive to critical thinking and are associated with emotional fanaticism, which this president relies on tricking people into supporting him. He cons people into thinking he's working in the American peoples behalf, when in reality Obama is working for Zionist international bankers.

The dude is a smoke and mirrors president, and with so much at stake it's really getting quite disturbing to see this actor presenting himself with his sleeves rolled up as if he's taking care of America's business when in reality there's a congressional deadlock, and the president has not figured out how to work with congress.

He's a failed president; yet the deception continues with all the free advertising he gets to help transform the slick chameleon into a celebrity. What thinking person isn't tired of seeing him and his family plastered all over magazines and television. The nation needs a true leader and not a celebrity puppet! He allows others to define him.

He allows himself to be transformed into anything the Zionist bankers wants him to be, and is no good as a leader of a nation. One finds that ruthless bankers are controlling the country and Obama is just along for the ride with a public relations role while America is being dismantled piece by piece.

It's clear the bankers and CFR sees Americans as being Goy sheep and feel if they destroy this nation in small increments no one will notice...wrong again. Obama talked about the capture of Ben Ladin as it was some great achievement, as if everyone was fooled by that well planned Psych job of Muslims attacking America on 9-11.

Americans I've talked to are not fooled by the treason of 9-11. This manufactured excuse to use American resources and blood to destabilize and plunder sovereign nations worldwide for Zionist bankers is not something a true American leader would kneel to. 9-11, the fake capture of Ben Ladin, and his burial at sea was worst than some D- movie, it was all smoke and mirrors with no proof or substance...It was all an colossal lie.

Why would any thinking person vote for a 2nd term for Obama, especially black people? With America's legacy of slavery, all the empty concentration camps all across this nation, and the president signing into law an indefinite detention bill it's bordering on insanity to turn him loose on this nation again.

Presidents do the most damage in their second term, and it's clear the man is not a leader, he follows just about anything the Zionist tell him to do. He's even starting to look a little hen pecked as if his wife is coaching him along. Don't be tricked by the goofy grin of this president he's an political actor and has the role of leading this nation straight into communism.

For the record don't be confused of how Lenin and all the communist prop men defined communism. Communism is what communism does...and all the fake security apparatus put in place since 9-11 is communism...these are the things communist do.

All the proof is available: "noahprophecy.com" Satan never reveals that the New world Order is the living death in the lake of fire.
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