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Obama and Romney Agree to Celebrity Boxing Match


Oct 20, 2012
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after weeks of negotiations with FOX, President Barrack Obama will lace up and wear shiny shorts for a few rounds against opponent Mitt Romney.
A spokesman for the Obama administration held a press conference earlier this afternoon in which he said, “the President believes that the American people are tired of men who aren’t men at all. He feels that a real man is one who can win in a boxing ring as boldly as he can win in a debate. Plus we’re short on cash and we needed the extra $10 million for a new internet smear campaign we’d like to run.”
Romney’s team didn’t hold a press conference, but when a reporter cornered the politician in a bathroom and asked about it, the President’s opponent said, “I wish I could say the only reason I’m doing it is to knock the guy out. That’s the biggest reason, for sure. But I also never turn down opportunities to earn some extra spending money for my church.” He then added, “it will be nice to see the President fight with the gloves on for a change.”

see here for more humor "nice cartoon"

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