Not so fast Nancy, you can't just kiss GI Joe off at the bus station anymore.

The world is welcome to make whatever choices they want, but they will have to deal with the repercussions if they make a bad choice. Thats the way it works.

They have learned this, which is why our standing in the world decreases every year.

The US cannot be trusted
Who doesnt trust us?

Who does? and why would they? What has the US done to be shown trustworthy?

The petrodollar isnt ending. Biden did fuck us really bad though abd it will take a lot of work to fix. Biden ruined the petro dollar single handidly.

It has been on its way out since before he took office. It is a relic of the past and the world no longer needs it. It benefited nobody but the US.

Trump is an amazing president. You being brainwashed to hate him doesnt erase the peace and prosperity that we had during his presidency. Facts are facts. Maybe this next time things will be even better if you guys dont demonize every move he makes. Maybe dont call him a Nazi when he tries to stop illehal immigration.

Trump was a mediocre president till 2020 and then he proved he was not up to the task. The one and only crisis on his watch and he failed it.

As for trying to stop illegal immigration, why is it the number of illegal border crossing did not go down under Trump will 2020 when COVID hit and put a end to travel in the world?
We are a Democratic Republic.....Civics much?
No. That’s total bs like nearly everything we were told in government school.

We are a corporatist rapacious oligarchy run by unelected sociopaths and psychopaths.
Um, literally everything that a country can do to become trustworthy. We are the most trustworthy nation on Earth. That is simply a fact. People may not trust Biden, but they trust the US. Our allies love us. :cuckoo:
Wow! That’s hilarious.
Yeah, nations act in their own interests. Welcome to the real world where your weird ethical desires dont work. You dont win by being ethical in a world where no one else is ethical. Grow up.
The drug cartels work to act in their interests, Organized crime has interests to protect too. The KKK had interests to honor. The global jihad has interests that may or may not conflict with ours. The bankers positively have goals, so are they to be admired? Are you very sure what our interests are, and how does a nuclear war advance them, since you are so astute?
Um, literally everything that a country can do to become trustworthy. We are the most trustworthy nation on Earth.

Tell that to the Kurds in Iraq and Syria.

Tell that to the opposition to Noriega in Panama

Tell that to Britain, France and Israel who we betrayed when they tired to gain control of the Suez canal in the 50s

Tell that to the people of Vietnam whom we promised aide if they signed the peace treaty we negotiated behind their backs and then after they did said "just kidding", leading the leader of South Vietnam to say "It is so easy to be an enemy of the United States, but so difficult to be a friend"
but they trust the US. Our allies love us.

They do not, that much is plain to anyone that does not have their head up the ass of the US Govt.

We are not a reliable ally because an election can change everything. Any agreement made can be voided by the next guy to sit in the White House. And now that happens just out of partisanship.

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