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I did not think fear like this existed in the real world.
Oh, it surely exists. Our problem, those of us who do not support the evil in DC, is that we've actually trained ourselves for a lifetime to obey the laws and work within the system. Suddenly, it has become clear that the system is so corrupted that the only way to resist is to be willing to break the law like our enemies do. It's a difficult transition but it IS coming and when the levee breaks, those on the Left will be astonished, then paralyzed with fear at what they allowed their corrup government to set in motion. IT WILL HELP NO AMERICAN...
You mean you can't get your lies about the election printed. "Freedom of speech" is not the right to lie with impunity.
Actually, it is freedom to lie, just ask the average politician in Washington. The with impunity part differs depending on whether someone is willing to call them on it and make consequences stick. For democrats, that doesn't happen terribly often.

The bottom line remains that freedom of speech just means the government cannot pass laws preventing you from saying things. That's it. You can lie all you want and no one can pass a law saying you can't.
As the current bizarre administration pokes and prods a nuclear armed enemy by offering Nato membership to an authoritarian state, many in Keene are fooled into believing a fledgling democracy is at stake.

I tend to agree, that the Ukraine government in Kyiv is not at all a democracy, since opposition parties have been makes illegal since 2014.
Actually, it is freedom to lie, just ask the average politician in Washington. The with impunity part differs depending on whether someone is willing to call them on it and make consequences stick. For democrats, that doesn't happen terribly often.

The bottom line remains that freedom of speech just means the government cannot pass laws preventing you from saying things. That's it. You can lie all you want and no one can pass a law saying you can't.
Yeah..except for those pesky Slander and Libel laws! Which is to say..yeah, you're right..one can say anything...but cross the line and you can be held accountable--just ask Alex Jones~

Yeah..except for those pesky Slander and Libel laws! Which is to say..yeah, you're right..one can say anything...but cross the line and you can be held accountable--just ask Alex Jones~

Obviously, it depends what you're lying about. There's no law that says you can't lie about the results of an election, or if a foreign power meddled in an election, or that high gas prices should be blamed on an event that happened AFTER they started rising.

What happened to Keene, New Hampshire?

I am not Joe Rogan, but I know what it is like to be told that forbidden thinking is wrong and dangerous. I saw with my own eyes what happened to our last presidential election and the integrity of our election process. The editor of a local newspaper told me once that I was “gaslighting” the community. I can’t get anything printed on its opinion page because linking unpopular words is regarded as a threat to the state that controls that newspaper. A term for what I am using here is free speech, something newspapers once defended even if it went against the political bent of the publication. We all know this is no longer true. Donald Trump turned the lens on Washington DC and what it has been up to for decades selling us out to China. Trump criticized and threatened the US Postal service with sanctions, so it was used with national media to take him out with a corrupted election, and no one will ever trust a US election again.

I grew up in Keene, a small city in southwestern New Hampshire. In 1964 Keene was the recipient of an All-America City award. The city layout is so beautifully attuned to Americana that it was chosen as the setting for the original movie Jumanji, in 1995. Five and dimes like FW Woolworth’s, JJ Newberry’s, and Kresge’s are remnants of a bygone era of bustling downtowns that have fallen to malls and megastores like Walmart and Target. Another casualty of the information age has been the time-honored tradition of intact families consisting of a biological mother and father where Keene has become a leader it its demise, not a follower. The lion’s share of dignified employment has been scattered to the winds of globalization. According to Keene’s information triangle of a newspaper, radio station and liberal arts college, local poverty exists because citizens are too dumb or lazy to go into debt and get a worthless college diploma that would make them not just part of the problem but the problem itself. People in Keene are told by local media and city leadership to just shut up and obey because people who are smarter than they are decide what is best for them-and they apparently listen.

I am writing on SUBSTACK. My thoughts and observations now have a platform for sharing with experiential kinship. It is important to the get the word out amid times when free thinking is under attack from the Central Planning, we were all warned about many years ago. I was in the Steelworker’s Union for twenty years before I went to work locally for another thirty years. I have retired with pensions many will never see. Those ghost pensions have been replaced with handicap parking spaces, electric shopping carts, and lots of mind-altering pharmaceuticals along with opiates to kill physical and mental pain resulting from government-supported bad lifestyle choices. Government chemicals that make politicians rich also destroy our youth which does not bode well for the future. I am writing here before the site is taken down as it surely will be if humanity fails this latest IQ test of a world government pandemic coupled with a rigged and stolen national election of the greatest democracy on Earth.

Before I begin, I must point out that I work with an Artificial Intelligence editor that scores me on how well I can dumb down my writing. This is important today because America’s liberal arts colleges have been graduating people that can barely read the back of a cereal box. Today competent writing is mostly wasted because US education has an agenda that produces people that read only headlines in print and click soundbites online. Keene has a liberal arts college at its center that along with the local newspaper and radio station, has reduced the mean intelligence of the community to levels normally associated with lead poisoning.

I had not been into the city of Keene for years when my wife asked me to go there to pick up something for her from a Main Street business. I obliged and dropped a quarter into a parking meter while I walked the sidewalks of Keene. You know that guy that has become a fixture in every woke city? The one who is weaving and waving his arms arguing with himself? Well, I met that guy as he raved and passed by me. My mouth went dry, and a cold chill went down my spine. The guy was obviously in the throes of a drug-induced schizophrenic episode, but I realized that I had just come face-to-face with the smartest person on Keene’s Main Street that day. As this guy’s knuckles dragged over the pavement, I wondered if he had received help from Keene’s policy of supplying drug paraphernalia to homeless addicts. Oddly, this mind-ravaged denizen had a distinct advantage over his cerebrally stunted city brethren that read the local newspaper and listen to the radio station’s Open Mic program-despite his chemical issues he probably had a more normal IQ.

Keene has become a very woke city. Just a few years ago, Keene had a mayor that had all the qualifications of a stand-up comic. He appeared on a local radio program often making vacuous overtures to the Paris Climate Accords while younger citizens were dying in droves from fentanyl-laced drugs that are ubiquitous in the city limits. There have been complaints from elderly dwellers about the homeless accosting them in public as they go about their business. The city apparently regards these complaints as standard Caucasian racism from old white people that grew up going to Ku Klux Clan meetings. It isn’t clear if any studies have been done with brain scans of people that live in Keene’s city center, but a trip to a local supermarket will tell you everything you need to know.

After a biological attack from the People’s Republic of China, many businesses in Keene are dominated with the flotsam of ineffective, department store paper masks on the faces of frightened natives shuffling about like herded sheep. Dr. Robert Malone, a physician and biochemist, is a pioneer in mRNA research and his work was crucial in developing vaccines for SARS Cov-2. He describes the panic-driven pandemonium happening in Keene as Mass Formation Pshychosis. Basically, the idea behind it is that people who had no brains to begin with, have now gone crazy. There may be worse things in a population than going from stupid to crazy, but I can’t think of one offhand.

China’s attack on the US has exposed a lot of political, educational, ideological, and medical quackery that has been festering under the surface for many years. Anthony Fauci’s Mengele-like transgressions creating a new, human-engineered disease is probably just the beginning. One thing we know for sure is that few in the city of Keene New Hampshire are going to ask any questions. They are like obedient Jews running to the side of a mass grave they just dug for themselves. One would think that with a city featuring a college just off Main Street, the intellectual level of the average inhabitant would be higher than usual. But unfortunately, the opposite is true. The people of Keene apparently believe that the government is all good, will do the right thing, and the emperor’s new clothes are fine and dazzling. Fascist history says good luck with that.

Following America’s War on Poverty/Great Society, US colleges realized they had a huge captive audience, not for educating but for indoctrinating. As a year, 1965 was patient one for wokeness which is not just a mirror image of socialist communism but a planted and cultivated dead ringer. Just about everything I was warned about in a 1960’s high school Comparative Government class has taken place. Fidel Castro, Nikita Khrushchev, and Mao Se Tung were threats to freedom then. Today Washington DC, pharmaceutical and corporate America along with the US educational system actively hunt and stifle free speech like it is a new, threatening idea. It is an old idea; it is just being misrepresented as a threat to new people because it weakens central control. Castro, Khrushchev, and Mao smile from their graves.

After years of bad city government, everything that was wrong with Keene in the past has been enhanced and magnified. Alcoholism, drug addiction, and single-parent poverty rule the day in Keene, and there are places where one is recommended not to go unaccompanied. Before the world’s suspicious pandemic, desperate, drug-addled panhandlers were a regular sight on Keene’s traffic islands. Keene has a hobo camp found behind Hannaford’s supermarket where the casualties of the Great Society live and die like refugees in freezing temperatures.

Many of these souls are victims of the same pharmaceutical mischief that anyone can see every time they turn on a television and watch commercials peddling prescription chemicals that could kill a full-sized horse. Not many in Keene have figured out that high-priced lawyers got involved sometime in the 80’s about the same time schools began darting children like zoo animals for bogus, profitable ADHD conditions-this is controlling and very profitable medical chicanery the government finds useful. Faculty at US colleges must be careful not to mention a drug culture in their classes lest they find themselves on the carpet in front of the administration. You see a significant percentage of today’s students have been injected with de facto meth called Adderall and Ritalin since elementary school. These drugs are traded, sold and dispersed on college campuses across the nation and mixed with alcohol. Optimistic about the future yet?

Big Pharma issues warnings that say see a doctor, but it never reveals a reason for putting prescription drugs on the screen in the first place. Those exquisitely produced TV ads are really nothing but an end-run around real doctors in the first place. For slower readers, it’s all about big money. It is doubtful that any of the mask-marching Big Pharma fellow travelers on Main Street in Keene know that those who discovered and developed Penicillin, or the Polio Myelitis vaccine never made a dime off patents for those lifesaving drugs. Keene’s chicken-little community is not familiar with names like Alexander Fleming or Jonas Salk. Too many Americans eat a king-sized bag of potato chips nightly and wash it down with two six packs of sixteen-ounce canned beers. They watch hours of television and wait their turn to have a leg cut off by a medical facility. This may be why Washington is presiding over the replacement of old, sick Americans with new bodies from all over the world. Someone needs to do physical work.

What could explain the kindergarten, lemming-like mentality of Keene, New Hampshire? As one who grew up there, I can attest that it was not always this way. And maybe it is not that way now; it could be that that this is just a false picture presented by that old troika of a newspaper, radio station and college. Those of us who lived in the yesteryear of American Exceptionalism recall that media was not like it is today. There was no “good” information or “bad” information, there was only information. The good and bad was up to the people to decide. When people need to be protected with media filters from bad information, we are rebuilding a wall that came down in 1989. And why is no one in Keene asking why we are simultaneously tearing down a wall that guards our national sovereignty?

These are sincere questions but asking them will get you sent to the Gulag of conspiratorial thinking. There is nothing new under the Sun; it has all been done before. Those that stray from the herd are ostracized and labeled by the elites as renegade threats to some greater good dispensed by an established central authority. This is historically true in religion, politics, and sadly, even in science. The Roman Empire lasted for more than a thousand years, but it was no match for wokeness that crept into its midst like a Trojan Horse and ultimately leveled it in a stampede. It is still bread and circuses for everyone in Keene while important personal freedoms are dismantled in the shadows.

It is doubtful than many Keene residents recall the name Barbara Seelye. She was a former president of Keene State college. She killed a young local woman in 1991 and was convicted of murder, but she never spent a day in jail. There was a greater good at work then and putting a politically correct demographically righteous icon of political correctness behind bars would have reflected badly on the college. So, she went Scott free on some contrived technicality. Contrived technicalities are good for those who are in charge and bad for those who are not; you know, like Congress relieving itself from mandatory Obamacare rules the rest of us must follow. Sometime back it was decided to make a liberal arts college a centralized part of the community even if it was to the detriment of average people living in the city. This decision proved to be ominous and publicly embarrassing.

Not long ago some of the people in Keene were making national news by piling up pumpkins, rioting, and sending a “mean girl” from Keene State college to Washington uttering gutter-mouthed obscenities at the leader of the free world. The event was compounded by the fact that the offending equity insurrectionist and dean’s list student, Caitlin Marriott, was under the sponsorship of a New Hampshire State Senator, Maggie Hassan. That breach of the national capitol drew a much less severe punishment than Ashli Babbit got; the mean girl was suspended for a week. Babbit took a bullet in the throat and died. To some in Keene it makes perfect sense. Unfortunately, this is the intellectual level functioning in the city under the stewardship of local media controlled by that awful college.

I called out an editor of Keene’s local newspaper for not doing more to alert citizens of an attack on Keene State college’s student publication, the Equinox. I was briefly on the staff in the mid 1970’s. Even then there were places you could not go and questions you could not ask because the administration had all the power. Then in 2017 Anne Huot, another disgraced lead administrator at that college, was forcing students and faculty to funnel all student queries and interviews through her office for censorship. Does anyone remember the East German Stasi? Keene State college lost millions in Student enrollment dollars after the Pumpkin Fest fiasco presided over by Huot in 2014 and like a lot of academic elites, she left with bags of gold to “pursue other interests”. If you or I screw up in our jobs, the only bag we will leave with is the one we brought our lunch in.

Why would people who edit and publish a newspaper in Keene, New Hampshire, not go to great lengths to expose an attack on free speech, especially at a college? Yes, the editor offered a flaccid, platitudinal recognition that the college was wrong, but it should have been a much bigger story than it was. The answer is that Keene’s newspaper had bigger fish to fry and that was getting rid of Donald Trump and protecting the beer-joint racket that profits local businesses supplying alcohol to a party school.

There is nothing more threatening to the elite intelligentsia than self-assertive working people questioning leadership. That is why I have been banned from contributing opinions to a newspaper’s editorial page. Look at the letters the paper publishes-they are mostly from disciples washing the feet of the editors. My guess is that names like Barbara Seelye, Caitlin Marriott, and Anne Huot are being seen for the first time right here by any Keene residents capable of comprehending anything more complicated than a restaurant menu. Unfortunately, this is not hyperbole or exaggeration. If you are going to overthrow a culture you must carefully and purposefully dumb down the people first.

When Keene State College fell on self-inflicted tough times it learned nothing. It doubled down and installed a leadership clone of what came before it. It is dying on the vine from the poison of wokeness suicide. The city’s newspaper is thinner than a character in The Grapes of Wrath and the local radio station’s talk program “Open Mic” has degraded into something straight out of Hooterville. Don't take my word for it, turn the dial and listen to the vacant content, but put your brains in a cupboard first.

Incredibly, there are people walking the streets of Keene, New Hampshire that still believe Donald Trump was a Russian agent and Joe Biden got more votes than any human candidate in voting history. As the current bizarre administration pokes and prods a nuclear armed enemy by offering Nato membership to an authoritarian state, many in Keene are fooled into believing a fledgling democracy is at stake. Keene’s status quo triad of wokeness is not going to go quietly; like Saddam Hussein, it will burn the city and the country in its sorry wake. It is up to the people now. I see substantial changes coming.

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You may be down the rabbit hole Ray, but I genuinely enjoy reading your posts, you certainly have a flair for the dramatic.

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