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New Mongolian Horde Arises


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Oct 15, 2016
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One day, the fearsome Mongolian horde comes back. They burn, loot, and murder lots of people. The burning, looting, and murdering are mostly peaceful, at least, according to news, and as long as the victim doesn't fight back.

Some of the victim start scorch earth policies as desperate measure. "We convert all of our wealth into bitcoin, and we transfer that to some corporation in tax haven," suggest Bob, a shop owner.

"We can donate sperms and eggs to create biological offspring in other shit holes and arrange that the money go to our bloodlines via trust," says Ann, CEO of online start up.

"We can always get the fuck out of here and move to better shitholes," says Charlie, a digital nomad, "Those who can't can fight the BLM crowd to the death."

All these, of course cause problems for the BLM hordes. "We need money and food and public schools and universal healthcare to reproduce. Without number, our BLM movement will be doomed. All these productive capitalists, just leave us like that," complains Donny, a BLM/Mongolian chieftain.

"That's easy. These suckers believe that all humans have right to reproduce, and hence all that reproduce deserves blankchecks no matter how many kids we produce. We don't even need to fight them and risk dying due to cops arresting us. We just repeat the same bullshit and they will actually pay us. We can use public schools to indoctrinate hapless children to support this nonsense. We will call all common sense hate speech and censor that with that justification," says Ethan, the BLM spiritual advisor.

This looks like a good story here. Should I search for the rest? Comments? Stories ideas?

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