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NCAA Ball: TV/Tourney (Fan-Diorama)


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Sep 22, 2013
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The iconic annual college sports tournament known as March Madness (TV/NCAA) has historically presented great games between great men's basketball teams, including Duke, Kansas, Michigan, North Carolina, and Seton Hall. This vignette or rather 'fan-diorama' is a time-capsule of the modern broadcast fanfare surrounding new era student-athlete activity considered in America really to be a gem or hallmark of sociocultural diarism --- arguably a 'diagonal' to consumerism storytelling. Enjoy (and thanks for reading),



The NCAA March Madness tournament kicked off, and mass audiences in stadiums and at home watching these college basketball games on TV (television) enjoyed media access to the real media flowery of student-athlete excellence in the modern era. This year, multiple teams were anticipated to perform well, including the touted Duke Blue Devils and Indiana Hoosiers. However, there were some real upstart-underdogs too, including California Bears and Tennessee Volunteers. The March Madness tourney on TV would prove to be a high ratings-watermark for American broadcasters and sponsors, but how would this reflect the actual excitement of the eager student-athletes themselves? Would there be a special nod to the media-flowery of American dimensions in sports?


The promising sophomore shooting-guard for the California Bears was the level-headed Isaac Satan, commandeering a prolific scoring and rebounding team that hoped to challenge the big-wigs like Indiana while holding off hot underdogs including Tennessee and Princeton. Princeton was an Ivy League surprise, and their own guard wanted to challenge the zone-play imagination of Isaac Satan. Satan remained committed to Cal's philosophy of well-rounded offense and was the key to his coache's optimism and therefore a perfect student-athlete representative of media dance!


Duke had already produced timeless legends at the guard position including Bobby Hurley and Trajan Langdon. Duke wanted only to challenge its only real predicted rival in March Madness, Bob Knight's ambitious Indiana Hoosiers. If Isaac Satan and Cal hoped to soar past the likes of the dreaming Duke Blue Devils, he'd have to find ingenious ways to outshine Duke's unique brand of coached rotating sharp-shooting.


FAN: The fanfare and cheering for this annual televised college sports event reminds us why America is the place for dreams.


ISAAC SATAN: I've been watching videos of many of the competing March Madness teams, to get a feel for my duties and goals!


BOB KNIGHT: I have no doubt in my mind that my ambitious Hoosiers team has what it takes to make television history!


However, Isaac and Cal would have to deal with a host of great teams who'd proven to be great television entertainment gladiators in the regular season, including Kentucky and Vanderbilt, which had shined because of a late-transfer of a powerful shooting forward from Duke University. Cal's coach watched reels of these teams during the regular season and thought of ways to advise his shooting-guard Isaac Satan to devise creative methods for disposing of these teams utilizing great dioramic play, perfect for modern TV.


Ohio State boasted a very tough student-athlete who'd have the gifted ability to rotate from the shooting-guard to the small-forward position, giving his scoring offense an unpredictable sense of style. However, Isaac Satan's Cal Bears disposed of this great Ohio State team in the 3rd round by consistent 3-point shooting, and afterwards, this Ohio State star stated to TV-reporters that Satan's Bears might be the underdog to challenge Duke or Indiana. Regardless, this Ohio State student-athlete proved to offer TV audiences during March Madness a great taste of modern media dance.


COACH K (Duke): I'm impressed with Satan's Bears, but I really want to focus on all the teams since they all offer media distinction.


Duke and Indiana made it to the March Madness semifinal game in the 'Final Four' and played a tight game. Duke's guards and centers balanced Indiana's gritty brand of rounded ambitious man-to-man play, generating a close score that came down to the final moments of the 2nd half. Duke pulled out with a miraculous 98-95 victory, after a loose-ball grab generated a heart-stopping 3-point shot from the agile center, Christian Duhon.


However, Isaac Satan's Cal Bears weren't out for the count amidst all this splendor and greatness from the other teams, the big-wigs and the hot underdogs, including Tennessee. In fact, California was the only underdog to make it to the 'Final Four' after defeating serious teams such as Ohio State and Kentucky. Now, Satan's Bears would face the Ivy League contenders the Princeton Tigers in the semifinal match of the televised tourney. Despite Princeton's special ability to use great individual scoring, Satan managed to guide his hot-handed forward and center scorers while they grabbed precious rebounds to hand Princeton its only 4th defeat of the entire season, with a winning score of 76-69. Everyone was exhausted after the game, however, and a TV-reporter stated, "Americans love to see student-athletes generate this sort of destiny on live television!"


PRINCETON GUARD: We're ready to win big and even defeat Duke, but Isaac Satan manged to create smart designs against us!


DUKE: Pulls ahead 29-19 in the early portion of the high-schoring 1st half.
CAL: Isaac Satan keeps the Bears close and pulls closer with 3-point shooting.
DUKE: Duke keeps a 50-46 lead at halftime in this March Madness championship!
CAL: Isaac Satan comes out scoring tons of 3-pointers in the early 2nd half.
DUKE: Duke's guards and forwards respond with great ensuing defense and reduces Cal's lead.
CAL: Isaac Satan generates great assists to forwards and centers and pulls Cal to a 90-81 lead.
DUKE: With only 2 minutes left to play, Duke's guard hits 3-pointers and assist-dunks to get a 96-94 lead.
CAL: With just 10 seconds left to play, Cal's Isaac Satan launches a sinking 3 from a great distance and wins 99-97.


ISAAC SATAN: I just want to thank my family and the American fans for helping us lift this spirited underdog trophy of date!


"Money is everything" (Ecclesiastes)

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