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N. J. Democrats' tax-cut bill touted - and claimed - by GOP and Christie


Censored for Cynicism
Oct 20, 2008
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This is a perfect example of how the do nothing Republican Party operates. :eusa_liar:

A bill that was written by Dems and fully supported by Dems but voted against by 34 Republicans, is claimed by Christie and the GOP without any mention of the Dem except to say liberals are committed to taxation! :eusa_liar:

N. J. Democrats' tax-cut bill touted - and claimed - by GOP and Christie | Philadelphia Inquirer | 10/18/2011

By Matt Katz

Inquirer Trenton Bureau

Workers in New Jersey will see a slight reduction in taxes taken out of their paychecks next year thanks to a Democratic bill signed - and now touted - by Republican Gov. Christie.

"This isn't a temporary cut, this is a permanent cut," Christie said on commentator Sean Hannity's radio program.

Christie went on to refer to "liberals" who are committed to taxation, but didn't mention that the bill that led to the cut was introduced by Democrats with full Democratic backing and passed over "no" votes from 34 Republicans in the Legislature.


Madden (D., Gloucester) and Turner were joined by Linda Greenstein (D., Middlesex) in sponsoring the bill in the Senate, while Matthew W. Milam (D., Cape May) sponsored it in the Assembly.

The state Democratic Party called the law a "progressive idea" - in other words, "liberal" - and said the governor might consider supporting Democrats in the November legislative elections.

But Republicans weren't rushing to give credit to Democrats.

Assemblyman Domenick DiCicco (R., Gloucester) said in a news release: "It's nice to know that we have a governor who is looking for opportunities to directly help those in the workforce and at the same time improve our economy."

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