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~My Jew~


May 13, 2011
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Check out my beautiful wandering jew plant!
I do not have a green thumb....I can't keep an artificial plant alive..most times..but my ex has a green thumb like nobody I know.
He has a greenhouse, and he starts his own plants....he has a huge garden every year, etc.
But anyway...he gave me a wandering jew, my favorite....at the beginning of this year, sometime around March I believe.
It was a little thing....he had just started it, and when he gave it to me, it only had a few stringlets.......like twiglets......and I told him I would definitely try my best to take care of it!
Have I done good or what???!?!??!?
Look at this montrous thing!!!
One photo is the plant by itself...and the other has my granddaughter standing beside it. I finally brought it into the home, because the weather is turning colder.
But I noticed today, that since it has become so huge, and it's weight has made it so heavy, the thingies at top that make it a 'hanging plant'...have started to snap.
So I had to take it down and I have it sitting on a bar stool.....and it touches the ground *ha*
Even my ex is totally surprised I have managed to keep it alive.
I may have to take it back over to his place tho,in his greenhouse, cause I'm afraid it won't get much sun here. I take it to the shower, place it on the stool....and close the shower curtains....that's how I water it :)


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