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Nov 16, 2016
A few days ago Jazz Shaw of Hot Air penned a piece on Roman Polanski. Jazz is apparently pretty upset that nobody in Europe will extradite this individual to face American Justice. Something else Trump could take care of: catch Roman Polanski - Hot Air

Jazz called for Extrodinary Rendition in the case of Polanski back in 2015. It’s time for the extraordinary rendition of Roman Polanski - Hot Air

I wonder why Jazz hasn't called for the normal Rendition of Robert Selden Lady. Lady is a former CIA agent and station chief in Milan who participated in the "extraordinary rendition" of a man suspected of ties to Terrorism. The CIA didn't bother to cover their tracks, and the Itallian Authorities became aware of the case when Hassan Mustafa Osama Nasr was finally released from the Egyption Prison he had been in for years despite no evidence of any ties to any Terrorist groups. All the torture they could manage couldn't get the man to admit to being a Terrorist.

Italy was properly outraged, and filed Charges against Robert Seldon Lady and the twenty two other CIA agents involved in the kidnapping of Hassan Nasr. Lady tried to claim Diplomatic Immunity, but that was rejected. At the consular level he was covered by, the Immunity only applied to his "official duties". Lady fled Italy and his retirement villa that he had purchased.

Robert Seldon Lady - Wikipedia

Lady was convicted despite his having fled the country. Requests for Extradition have fallen on deaf ears in the United States. None of the individuals involved have spent a day in Itallian jails or Prisons. Not one day.

Lady was identified and held based upon an Interpol arrest warrant in Panama. Panama releases former CIA operative wanted by Italy

The United States intervened and took official action to insure that Lady did not get extradited to Italy, which has a Conviction against Lady, and a Sentence of at least nine years in Prison. Lady of course is not alone, there are 22 others who have yet to serve a day in Itallian Prisons.

Now, Roman Polanski should be extradited legally, and serve his prison term by law. But so should Robert Seldon Lady, and all the others who have been committing crimes. Before you roll your eyes and say that it is very different, as Lady and the others were agents of the Government acting on orders, you might want to recondisder.

The I was only following orders Defense has been roundly rejected since 1945. Superior orders - Wikipedia

When I was a Soldier, I was taught that if I obeyed an Illegal Order I was guilty of committing a crime. Failure to refuse to obey an illegal order is exactly what the guards of Abu Ghraib were convicted of. Their defense, they were ordered to do those things by agents of the CIA went exactly nowhere. The CIA agents were not tried, like Lady they were spirited away from any repercussions. Abu Ghraib torture and prisoner abuse - Wikipedia

Roman Polanski should be extradited to serve his Prison term. Just as Robert Lady should. Extraordinary Rendition has another more accurate name. Kidnapping.

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