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McCain's Battle With Futility

red states rule

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May 30, 2006
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It seems Sen McCains lame attempt at running for President may be coming to an end

Will he have another temper tanturm as he did when he lost in 2000? Will be blame Conservatives, the Christian right, or will it be talk radio and Fox News?

Or will he blame his stand on the issues - which is the real cause of his failure?

McCain '08 bid losing steam
By Ralph Z. Hallow
June 13, 2007

Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign is showing signs of unraveling, with a continuing slide in the polls, voters' irritation over his support of what they called amnesty for illegal aliens and his decision to pull out of the Iowa straw poll.
Party fundraisers say potential McCain donors are hanging back while Republican voters register rage over the Arizona senator's backing of the immigration reform bill, which was sidetracked in the Senate last week.
The fundraisers say the party's base remains annoyed with Mr. McCain's refusal to say the McCain-Feingold campaign-finance law was a mistake that hurt free speech and helped wealthy Democratic donors and that his initial opposition to President Bush's tax cuts was meant to endear him to independents and Democrats.

"McCain increasingly is having trouble getting support from conservatives in his party," said Gary Kirk, a Republican fundraiser. "Even in his own state of Arizona, 60 percent of the people oppose the amnesty for illegal aliens that he favors. He has undercut his own party and the White House on tax cuts, campaign finance and other issues."
Chuck Laudner, the executive director of Iowa's Republican Party, said Mr. McCain's support of the immigration bill "killed him in Iowa."
"That's why he pulled out of the straw poll that and he can't raise the money," Mr. Laudner said.
Mr. McCain announced June 6 that he would not participate in the straw poll but said he intended to compete in the state's leadoff caucuses in the Republican presidential nomination process.


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