Biden threatens Democrats with a bloodbath

Oh I see. So Trump says bloodbath it surely means real blood. He's coming after you huh Mammoth?
You got caught lying. Your own link said so. As self-owns go, yours was spectacular.

As is the case every time, you hellbound Trump cultists lying about us doesn't make us hypocrites. It just makes you a devoted servant of the lord of lies.

Please keep up the good work of sending more votes to the Democrats. Keep on defending Trump calling for a bloodbath, even knowing that you disgust all normal people.
What haunts me most, is Biden actually threatened his own with this blood bath. No wonder his kids are addicts:cool:

What a stupid OP.

Just absolutely stupid. No wonder Biden is going to walk away with this election.
Keep that up I'll change my mind about liking you. At the moment your one of one board democracked:)
But...but...but...Orange Man said "bloodbath"!

When Leftists say bloodbath, they're not to be taken seriously, because they cry wolf with every word anyhow.

Trump meant it on the left's terms. He's planning a storm with proud boys, stuff like that; and a gestapo dictatorship, potato chips. He's going to illegalize gay, and being black too.
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Dems gonna start killen if they lose.

Biden says its gonna be a BLOODBATH. Hes trying to start a Civil War
If I close my eyes I can hear Biden repeating the words redrum, redrum. Even during his campaign speech at his state of the union.

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