Mans best friend

This dog looks alot like mine.

[ame=]Hachi: A Dog's Tale Trailer - In UK Cinemas March 12th - YouTube[/ame]
they were a nice couple and the dog was a beauty.

I aksed him the dogs name and he paused and said "Bob".

They way he did that I just knew what was up and I said Or Not and he is a service dog.

he laughed.
There was something odd about the whole meeting.

Its a streatch of beach that very few people walk.

Its why I walk it sometimes.

It was kind of odd to see anyone there.

Here was this young handsome couple and a beautiful dog just hanging out.

it stuck in my mond for same damned reason.

I guess I know why now.
I saw a video clip of this on the news this morning.

It truly hit home.

I've been worn down, and let my feeling and concerns become cold wax, (waxed over cold) regarding the wars and consequences of wars that our country has chosen to be in....I cried near daily in my prayers for all the military people involved and for their families for about 6 years....but then, it became "easier" to handle all the deaths and families left behind....the soooo many deaths, so many sad families by feeling letting myself feel less, by giving up the God given gift of empathy that I had been endowed with....I just couldn't cry any was wearing me down, both physically and mentally...I let myself become "waxed over cold", emotionless....

that's sad, in and of itself....with time and repeated tragedies....makes the tragedy, LESS of a tragedy.

then...this morning....watching this on the wax melted....I could FEEL again....and the sadness of war was overwhelming again....and ....I cried....still am crying.....

I am so sick of war, and rumors of'[s time to end all this warring....honestly, what good does it do?
I agree Care.

This was a fine young man and there have been far too many fine young men and women lost.
That this hero's dog is loyal doesn't surprise me at all.

Dogs are grand non judgmental creatures and I don't know how anyone couldn't share their life with at least one.

I have four.
They are a gift.

I have three.

This boy is a real beauty and has a personality to match.

I hope his forever home with the mans family members is full of joy.
Why would you be sorry about him being a dog.

The soldier who loved him didnt mind that he was a dog.
Very sad , both this young man and the dog impressed me in my brief meeting of them.

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