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  • strollingbones
    hello nice to see you
    Cassy Mo
    Cassy Mo
    You too! My account has been deleted at the other place, and I have no idea why. Soooo, here I am, and it's nice to be back. I'm just trying to familiarize myself with everything again.
    She likes wool sweaters, so we looked at a lot of woolen fabrics. However, she knows we live in Florida, and so what is the point of buying a big heavy sweater you'll wear for two weeks of the year! But she's like that. She likes to shop and shop and shop, but she doesn't buy much. So I'm a lucky guy! My friends usually have the opposite problem of their wives wanting to spend too much! lol
    I was joking. But I noticed that he'd called me several times in the thread and I didn't see it. It sort of defeats the purpose if you call someone and they can't see it, doncha think?
    that is sweet....thank you ...still unnecessary but a lesson i learned long again......say thank you and move on....thank you ....
    Ha! I'm going to keep doing it! I'm doing it for Sarah too. I just think if you have to come to the board to see 30 alerts, there should be a balance between the fair good ones and the unfair bad ones!
    Come on HB. I told you on facebook I would be here. One of my posts got this comment. Look at the handle she uses.

    DOTR STFU! STFU! x 1

    Next I'll be getting them from hoss :)
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