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left wing censorship and banning speakers needs to stop, pull their federal grant money....


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Jul 19, 2014
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The left wing diaper pin babies....with emphasis on babies, stopped Ben Shapiro from speaking at Depaul....they refused to allow the group who wanted him to speak to have him speak, and when he said he would come anyway...DePaul threatened to have him arrested......

The left wing totalitarian lock on college campuses needs to end...this mob of left wing totalitarians that prevent free speech...with the administrations of these colleges allowing it to happen, needs to stop...

The best way to do it........pull their federal grant money....or perhaps prosecute them through the Dept. of Justice for civil rights violations......

They used 30 cops to keep him from setting foot on Depaul grounds......

Video: DePaul University Threatens To ARREST Ben Shapiro If He Steps On Campus

The Daily Wire has reported, conservative speaker and author Ben Shapiro has been banned from speaking at the DePaul University campus by administration since July, as he might upset the snowflakes.

Last Friday, Young America's Foundation, ignoring the un-American action by the so-called Catholic university, invited Shapiro to exercise his First Amendment rights and speak on campus aside renowned feminist Christina Hoff Sommers. Subsequently, cowardly DePaul doubled down on its ban on Shapiro, and as you might suspect, Shapiro laughed in their face and announced he'd be going anyway.

On Tuesday night, Shapiro headed over to campus only to receive threats from campus security that he would be "arrested" if he stepped "three steps forward" onto campus property. In reply, the conservative icon moved his speech off-campus, where free speech would prevail as best it could.

When Shapiro is first stopped by those on campus from entering the lecture hall, Shapiro informs security that he has RSVPed as a speaker, as an audience member and as a security member.

He is then directed to some 30 security guards, though no protesters are in sight. He was denied entry.

"I'm wondering why is it so necessary to keep me personally out?" asks Shapiro.

"The bottom line is, it's private property," says a security guard, informing Shapiro that he will be arrested if he takes three more steps forward on campus.

"Just to be clear, if I attempt to enter that hall right there, and sit down, just to listen to somebody speak, or if I attempt to ask a question, or engage in free speech, you will have me arrested?"

"At this point, yes, sir."

Shapiro noted that there were some 30 security members for a "five-foot-nine, 165-pound Jewish guy."

"It may be a mild misallocation of recourses," he quipped.


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Apr 5, 2010
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The progressives will either ignore or condone this type of behavior. It is shameful, cowardly, and un-american on the part of DePaul's leadership.


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Jan 19, 2010
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President Trump is going to set up a hotline to report some of this anti American crap plus we can always reach him on Twitter...lol

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