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What Jabhat Fateh al Sham Affiliated With Al Qaeda?


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Jun 6, 2007
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In the past week the Obama administration essentially said that it's going to dramatically dial-up the U.S. military's targeting of the Jabhat al Nusra group in Syria, its rationale is that it sees this group as an al Qaeda affiliate so it deserves the fate of being destroyed. I am and I think all Americans should be ultra-ashamed and adamantly opposed to the American government doing this for what they are doing is targeting the good guys in the Syrian Civil War, this group is a Syrian freedom fighter group they're a group trying to fight the brutal tyranny of the Bashar al Assad regime; America doing this would have been like if a foreign government had tried to exterminate various state militias in the colonies during America's Revolutionary War it's unbelievably bad on a grand scale!

The Obama Administration would probably argue in their defense that this group was founded by an al Qaeda operative, Abu Mohammad al Julani, working in Syria back in 2012 and who still leads the organization, the group pledged allegiance to al Qaeda and it is an Islamist group meaning that it wants to establish an Islamic culture where Sharia law governs society and it has and is supported by ultra orthodox Muslim individuals and groups throughout the Muslim world that are anti-American; all this makes it legitimate to classify this group as a branch of al Qaeda deserving destruction. This is a one-sided analysis that does not seek to really determine if this group poses a threat to America or our allies in the West.

The other side of this picture is that this group recently changed its name from Jabhat al Nusra, The Nusra Front, to Jabhat Fateh al Sham, The Front for the Conquest of Syria, specifically because they wanted to make clear to the world that they have permanently severed ties with al Qaeda and they are solely focused on Syria they have no military aims outside of Syria. Secondly, look at how this group came to be the powerhouse group they are in the Syrian Rebel movement; when the Syrian rebellion started against the Assad regime the American government bungled helping this movement grow strong they were super restrained in arming the rebels this caused the rebels and their supporters throughout the Arab world especially orthodox Sunnis to search for a group that could champion the rebellion and they settled on Jabhat al Nusra, a strongly orthodox Muslim and a strongly Jihad group. This group better financed and armed than American proxy rebel groups thus had better success on the battlefield which brought more popular support for this group which of course resulted in them becoming even stronger; the American government compounded the problem by pressuring its rebel proxy groups to attack this group because of its al Qaeda ties which resulted in the American proxy groups taking major losses and the losing fighters often joining Jabhat al Nusra ranks as no other option existed for them. The simple truth is that Jabhat Fateh al Sham, JFS, is not some radical Islamic terrorist group it has no agenda outside Syria it is a Syrian rebel freedom fighter group whose overall ambition is to free the Syrian people from the dictator Bashar al Assad and his allies, this latter point the group's leader Julani has said numerous times.

This is what is going on here American air power is bombing Jabhat Fateh al Sham forces in Syria especially around Aleppo the meaning of this is that the American government is slowly destroying the Sunni Syrian people's hope and chances to bring the Syrian Civil War to a stalemate so that the Sunni Syrian people can permanently secure their freedom and rights at the peace table! Anyone with a reasonable claim of good judgment knows that if the group Jabhat Fateh al Sham group is taken off the battlefield in Syria the Syrian rebel forces have no real chance of stopping Assad's forces and his allied forces from taking control of the entire territory of Syria. So what America is doing here with its dialing up its targeting on JFS is that it is delivering the Sunni Syrian people into the hands of Bashar al Assad it is insuring that Assad wins the war, this should alarm good Americans especially ones that work in the U.S. government and in the U.S. armed forces. America should see these Americans act like good Americans they should speak out and stand up against this targeting of this group JFS for military attacks! I am not an expert in the law governing behavior of service men and women in the U.S. armed forces but I wonder if a U.S. pilot given an order to bomb JFS forces around Aleppo forces obviously just trying to protect two-hundred thousand Sunni Syrian civilians from being starved and bombed into submission to the Assad regime could just refuse to obey the order based on it is an order in violation of U.S. law. The reasoning is that the President Obama's administration legal justification for use of military power in Syria stems from the law enacted by the U.S. Congress after 9/11 which gave the Executive branch of the U.S. government the authority to use military power against and destroy Al Qaeda the entity responsible for 9-11. But if the truth of the situation is that JFS is just a Syrian Freedom Fighter group an Islamist one but nevertheless just such a group, not a branch of al Qaeda, the administration does not have authority under this law to bomb this group therefore a U.S. pilot committed to not only being a good human being but also a good citizen one would think should be able to say that I am not going to carry out an order that violates U.S. law! Members of the U.S. military, intelligence and national security apparatus tasked with this targeting of Jabhat Fateh al Sham should have a problem with this directive from an American values standpoint. America were the good guys we saved the world from the Nazis in World War II we saved the world from the evil dictator Saddam Hussein taking over the Middle East and doing God knows what in the latter half of the twentieth century we stand on the side of good for major threats in the world that is what America is! Bombing the Sunni Syrians principle rebel fighting group, the JFS, is anathema to that we are being the bad guys in doing this we are on the side of Bashar al Assad, the despicable dictator, in doing this we should be opposed to this with every fiber of our being, it is an extreme betrayal of American values supporting this bombing!

You know it is a common held belief amongst people that when one does bad things one often pays a price for it and this aspect of nature applies to countries too! Many people believe America's failed to do its duty in Syria in the beginning of the civil war in so far as America is a country richly blessed by God as a democratic country that protects human rights and is wealthy thereby it had a duty to have aggressively helped the Syrian people early in the Syrian Civil War when they really had an opportunity with the right military help to oust Bashar Assad and win these freedoms; this failure of duty resulted in weak security existing around Raqqa in Syria which allowed ISIS to roll into that area and use it as its capital as it went on its killing spree in Syria and Iraq and shocked the world. One should be able to imagine that America's failure of leadership in doing this extremely bad thing in degrading and wiping out the Syrian people's principle freedom fighter rebel group, Jabhat Fatah al Sham, through the use of American air power could result in the following bad things befalling America: drones malfunctioning and crashing; military planes and helicopters having mechanical problems being not operational; pilots and maintenance personnel not reenlisting; part supply problems for military planes and helicopters and key people in the civilian industrial complex that are vital to effective U.S. military air power no longer in their jobs. Leaders in America should really take it to heart what wisdom calls for here which is stop being the bad guys in bombing the Sunni Syrian people's principle rebel group JFS because the your risking a bad backlash on America in doing this!

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